My favorite bags

  1. Now that I have an ink first, I feel like I have a good set of basic bags that I will always want to carry, no matter what goes in or out of style. I have lots of other bags, but these 4 are my favorites:


    05 caramel box
    LV speedy 25
    LV batignolles horizontal
    06 ink first

    Who else has a "basic set" of bags that they know they will never part with? As you can see, I am into neutrals. The ink is about as wild as I will go.
  2. I love my LV Amfar bag and will keep it forever and I have my black and pink Bbags that I love. I will never let those 3 bags go.
  3. LoriB, I love your faves! I tend to stray from bright and bold colors and stick to neutrals as well. Although, some of those Balenciagas candy-like colors look good enough to eat sometimes! Yummy!
  4. Great family picture by the way!!!
  5. CONGRATS to your gorgeous collection :flowers:
  6. Gorgeous collection! I have a vintage Speedy 25 from the '70's that I will never get rid of.
  7. sweet collection! i love the bbags!
  8. Love that Caramel Box, if you ever want to sell, let me know. So purty!!!
  9. LoriB totally loving your collection! I feel like such a copy cat... i want to get an LV shoulder bag too hehehehe!

    I wonder how many members in the PF have the same sort of collection....
  10. Your ink first is so pretty!
  11. Thanks all! I love the LV bags just as much as the b-bags. My speedy is just starting to patina, and I love how they look when the leather darkens. So it gives me something to look forward to, kind of like my own little science experiment!
  12. Nice collection! I find I really don't use my mono Speedy. I took it on a skiing trip when I first got it, and I haven't really used it since. My basic bags are:
    Mulberry Rosemary in oak
    Balenciaga City in cornflower
    Balenciaga Twiggy in rouge
    Gucci Jackie bag
    Marc Jacobs Blake in black & denim
    Bottega Veneta ball bag in hazelnut

    This summer my basic bags will probably be:
    Gucci boston bag in off white
    Balenciaga Twiggy in white
    Balenciaga Purse in pale rose
  13. wow lori you have a lovely collection!
  14. Fantastic collection, Lori!
  15. love your ink lori :love:
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