My favorite bags

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  1. Cute collection. Love the Prada bags. Thanks for sharing.:heart:
  2. I have been remiss in adding pictures and updates to my bag collection == well, I don't know if we could call it a collection, rather small compared to anyone serious around here, but they're my two newest children -- a Prada degrade and my first EVER Louie -- the Richard Prince Weekend in Rose (it's really rather orangey/red but those French, very interpretive, mais non ??)

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  3. Nice collection, lovely Pradas!
  4. wow, I like the Brown Prada ... great collection!
  5. Very nice! :tup: Love your prada gauffre satchel! Thanks for sharing!
  6. That last Prada is TDF!
  7. :drool:
  8. nice collection
  9. Lovely collection...:tup:.
  10. Such a cute collection, you have!
  11. lovely collection! Love your pradas... I'm still trying to get over the shock that you found that really fab gaufre e/w at bluefly! I know that was last year... But still !!! Love your latest additions too! Congrats!
  12. like your stye
  13. very cool :smile:
  14. Love the pulp. Thanks for sharing!
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