My favorite bags

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  1. Hope the pictures will come out alright -- one thing I noticed going through -- alot of us have color themes. I didn't really notice it until you get the little guys all lined up ! These include my absolute favorites:
    Prada Venice Tote, Henry Beguelin Tote, Prada Large Jacquard Frame Bag, my two woven Cole Hahns from years and years ago and a Via Spiga that did stand in while I was waiting for the large Prada.

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  2. Cute collection!!!
  3. Great collection- love the white printed Prada!
  4. the Prada!
  5. Great collection!! Thanks for sharing!!
  6. congrats!love them!
  7. This forum is dangerous !!

    Here are 2 of my 3 new additions since joining (and I used to be a one bag a season gal but I ran out of room for more shoes, bought all the furniture I need, have no kids to put through college so ... what's a gal to do ??)

    I am so happy I found all of you !! (I think wink wink)

    The Prada Gauffre Satchel is from Bluefly (oh yes, I found the codes, thank you very much), the MiuMiu is a steal of Ebay -- I can't seem to find pics of my Prada Black Fringe Hobo which I am totally in love with -- I'll go looking for that one !

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  8. Very nice collection!Thanks for sharing!
  9. very nice!
  10. Whoa! Your white Prada and your Bluefly steal are insane! Love them!
  11. jenskar, i luuuuuuuuuurve your prada gauffre satchel! i'm usually a browns kinda girl, i don't know where all the color crept in :shame: but your pics have me drooling...

    DON'T BUY ANYTHING until aug. 12th!!! we have to do some guilt-free shopping!!! (i know bluefly's having their 1-day rotating sales stuff, but those things happen all the time)

  12. love your prada gauffre
  13. I more baby -- my hsb is away with the good camera so if these don't look very good I'll replace later -- this was my first bag purchase upon finding tpf -- I just love it to death and had to restrain myself from buying the cream one in a small tote !

    Blue -- I do have to take a break -- figure the 12th will be my fall handbag day -- I've been eyeing all the new Prada metallics hungrily -- no danger of those going on sale anytime soon !!

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  14. lovely collection.
  15. Beautiful taste in Prada :nuts:
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