My Favorite Bag

  1. So I went to LV in Atlantic City, and was so excited when I came across The Batignolles Horizontal. I have to say, this purse is awesome! It's big enough that I can use it as a diaper bag, (Throw in a few diapers and such). So I am retired from singing until I have my baby, then I'm going to join a new band. (The money is really good!) And I was going to save for it. $710.00 is not expensive for the size of the bag. I had $200.00 saved before I quit my last band, then in a matter of days-I spent the money on my kids! I am so depressed because I am filling in for a band and making $500.00 cash for 2 hours of singing, and the rest of that money was going towards my purse! *snif* I don't like for my kids to want things, so I break down and buy them everything I can! I called my mom, and was so upset because of the spent money! (LOL!)

    So Here is the good news!

    I went to the shore for the weekend to my summer house, and my sister met up with me to give me my prenatal massage, and I was telling her how my money is gone-and how I'll never see that purse until I start singing again *snif*, well my sister proceeds to tell me that for my birthday (This september-it's the big 3-0). :cry: My mom feels bad because I keep spending my money on the kids, and For my Birthday present I'M GETTING MY PURSE!!!!! I can't wait!!!:yahoo: I am so excited! (And I won't ask DH for money for my purses because he pays for everything-so my money I make is what pays for my habits!) (He's Director of Operations for Phillips Van Heusen-so I have to hear the "I know how much it costs to make that purse speech! LOL! But sometimes he will break down and buy me something!) So I figure I'll take the $500.00 and buy something else! Like the wallet to match! LOL!

    Then to top it off, I saw on TV from this company in California "I dream of Cake" a LV Purse Cake! Well they don't ship cakes, so I found a Baker here that does pretty much the same thing, and asked them if they could replicate this cake
    So I am still waiting for my estimate from them! This party is going to be awesome!!:rochard:

    Has anyone done the cake idea before?? If so, can you share pics with me? I would love to see them!!
  2. Yay congrats! The cake is amazing!
  3. Congrats! And what an adorable cake!
  4. Thanks! I almost fell over when I saw the cake on tv! LOL! I immediately started searching for it! LOL!
  5. Congrats on the new baby! That cake is great!!!!

    I just bought a BH and for some reason, all my baby stuff doesn't fit in the bag..?? :confused1::crybaby:

    Sounds like you had better luck!
  6. Hey Sept is my birth month too.

    Congrats on the bag.

    I have the BH and love it. My children are teenagers.

    The cake is so fab.
  7. that cake looks so cool! its so clever how cake makers do that sort of thing. I could never do it.
  8. That cake is TOOO ADORABLE!!!
  9. Thanks guys!

    I'm a september baby also! LOL! I have my fingers crossed, I hope My sister is not lying! LOL! I'll kick her booty!

    Alouette, the bag seemed pretty big. But then again, I don't really carry much in my purses. LOL! So I think a few diapers and things will fit fine. I have the Coach Legacy tote, and I used that as a diaper bag. This LV seems bigger then that! Now you have me scared! LOL!
  10. Oh you've prob got the whole baby diaper bag planning down! This is my first (due Sept 21!) and dont' know if I'm overpacking. I'm just carrying 3 diapers, 2 changes of clothes for accidents, my small wallet, changing pad, travel wipe case, and no room for a cosmetic bag...:confused1:

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong!
  11. Wow!! Love that cake....divine!!!!

    Congrats on the new purse!!! Dont forget pics and...I think that its a perfect size as a diaper bag!!!!

    A Big congrats for your coming addition to the family!!!!!!

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    Nope, you're not doing anything wrong! LOL! I have a huge Juicy Couture Diaper bag that I got Last year, and I love it, but it's exactly that huge! LOL! I carry 3-5 diapers (depending on my trip), 1 extra outfit, wallet, travel wipe case, Sippy cups (for my other 2 son's), and a toy or 2. LOL! oh wait! You forgot the formula dispenser (if you are not going to Breastfeed!) Get it at babies r us, it's 3 sections and it holds up to 8 oz each. I loove them! You got it all planned right! LOL!

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    Thanks so much for your welcome! I'm excited that I am having another boy! (A girl would have been nice, but that would mean less purses and stuff for me!) LOL! Trust me! I will post as many pics as I can, if I really get that purse! It will be my 1st LV, so I am truly soo excited that after a year, my dream will come true!! LOL (Okay, I'm a dork!) :drool:
  14. Wow what a cake! Congrats on the newest addition to your family, baby boy #4 that is very exciting!
  15. Thank You Irishpandabear! I can't wait to see him! LOL! I found some other LV cakes also if anyone wants to see them. They are really cute!