My favorite bag of the season!! PICS~

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  1. I have really enjoyed the Spring '08 season of Kooba bags. Sure there are some ups and downs but I think overall they really came back after a couple of not so fun seasons to put it nicely. The bags in particular that I care for the most (from this season) are:

    Elisha - I always like this style
    Jacinda - Just bought this and is a favorite, despite the leather issue
    Devon - like the Elisha is a great style and fun in new colors

    But I must say that my favorite bag so far is a bag that I haven't heard anyone talk about yet and if so not very often. I haven't been reading this board everyday so maybe I have missed some topics on this bag.. but still I feel this particular style is the dark horse of the season. Perhaps it's because I've been in search of the perfect messenger bag for way to long and I feel I've finally found it.. whatever the case may be I absolutely adore this bag... the fabulous.. JAYLIN!! For me a messenger bag is better on the smaller side or it ways me down too much. I feel this bag is the perfect size! I can still carry everything I need but it doesn't overpower me or my outfit. I love- love- love this bag and just felt like sharing my joy!

    I have included some modeling pics.. please excuse the sweats!
    Untitled 1.JPG IMG_1942.JPG Untitled 2.JPG Untitled 5.JPG Untitled 7.JPG
  2. Sorry about the bad pictures.. I lowered the pixels too much so I have attached better ones below.
    IMG_1942.JPG Untitled 1.JPG Untitled 2.JPG Untitled 5.JPG Untitled 7.JPG
  3. Wow, what a beautiful bag. Don't recall ever seeing it before. Love the leather and style. Lucky you!
  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting pics of this!!! :biggrin:
  5. When I started reading your post and saw your list of Koobas I thought, "Oh please be the Jaylin!" And it was! :biggrin: My Jaylin is going to be delivered to me tomorrow and I am SO EXCITED!!! It's been quite frustrating trying to find pictures of this purse (it's like it doesn't exist!) and I'm so glad you took the time to take pictures for us! I'll be taking pictures of mine tomorrow as well. :tup: I love how it looks with the long strap and it looks great in the crook of your arm! I can't wait for mine!

    How does the leather feel?
    Does it smell good?
    Is it pretty light?
  6. Looks gorgeous on you! Wonderful choice! :woohoo:
  7. I am in total agreement with you littlerock on the Jaylin being the Kooba bag of the season. Great color, perfect size, and the styling isn't too crazy/over the top--simple yet unique. It looks great on you, thanks for posting modeling pics, I was looking for some but to no avail. It is definitely the bag I will be looking to purchase next. How much can you fit in yours by the way? Congrats on a great purchase.
  8. I like it very much.....especially that color!!!! Go, Kooba, go!!
  9. The Jaylin looks great on you! I like how it has a long enough strap to be worn messenger style -- yet it looks awesome when carried on the crook of your arm too! The color is TDF too. Great choice! :tup:
  10. That is super cute - I really like the color!
  11. I love the look of this bag and the Jacinda. I'm so glad to hear you are loving this one as it is my favorite as well. I, too, however have been concerned over the chat about the leather quality and smell. Is the leather on the Jacinda comfortable and soft - and free of unpleasent odors? Also, where did you find yours? Thanks so much!
  12. That looks great. I really like the color. Looks very nice on you!
  13. MIA BELLA - Well here's the thing about the leather, I happen to love it while others don't really care for it so it is really up to each person to decide for themselves I think. It is a different type of leather than the thick hearty leather from a few seasons ago and while I am completely in love with their older leather choices I also very much appreciate this new fun leather as well. I don't find it to be too thin, I think it fits the bag quite nicely. I have a real problem with leathers that scuff too easily but I don't think this leather is like that. As for the smell I just took a big 'ol whiff and while it doesn't smell exactly like the "Original Kooba" smell I also don't find it too smell of chemicals either. It is just different, and I for one welcome the change. It is light weight which is nice!

    Starrynite116- As far as what I can carry in this bag.. I would have to say that all of *my* essentials fit. I definitely have to make some sacrifices. For example if I decide to bring my sunglass case I can't carry my continental wallet, I bring my cell phone, ipod, couple sets of keys, a couple random cosmetics (not the whole make-up bag) etc.. Basically anything that you really need to bring you can but nothing extra : )

    WINDY55- I bought both the Jacinda and the Jaylin at Neiman Marcus during their sale this past week. The leather is the same on each of these bags and you can read my detailed description of it above but to sum it up I am a huge fan of the leather and style of these bags! I *think* the one person (I could be wrong!) that said her Jacinda smelled chemically had purchased a black one.. so i I am correct in this statement maybe the black ones are made with a different leather or their dye process causes this. I saw black ones at Bloomies and didn't notice this though.. The black ones were just as cute but for spring I am all over this brown color.

    Thank you for everyones comments. I'm glad to hear that other people like this bag as much as I do. I was shocked when I saw it in the store since I didn't know it even existed before then. Now I'm in love!

    (Correction on my original post: I typed "ways" but I meant weighs!!)
  14. Wow! It really does look fab on you! I'm going to have to rent one in brown!
  15. That bag look so cute on you. The real life pics we see here always look better than the online pics. Those sites should start stealing our pictures to sell their bags!!! LOL