My favorite bag from my BV collection

  1. Just wanted to share my favorite bag from my BV collection. It's the Caimano shopper from Fall/Winter 06 in pepe (pepper grey), malva (purple/lavander), and ebano (brown).


  2. Lovely.... I've not seen this before.... this' type of bags I usually like - roomy inside! Do post pics of u wearing it pls - esp. on the thread 'Bottega Venetas in Action'.
  3. :yes:

    To be honest, I like it best of all ya bags too! With the shopper coming in a close second. I do like the croc details! :love:
  4. That tote is so nice.
    I have not seen it before either.

    Isn't it nice to have something so unique??!!
  5. Thanks for sharing. =)
  6. wow, what a nice bag!:yes:
  7. Really unique!! I love the color combo.
  8. I've never seen your bag before-very interesting and love the colors! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Thanks for the compliments. It was from Fall/Winter 2006. There were only 4 available in the US. Yeah, I like the grey/purple/brown color combo. Another thing I like about BV- the beautiful vegetable dye colors.
  10. Same here, i have not seen this style before too.....very unique tote bag....congrats for ur new babe~~
  11. congratulations!
  12. I like the the croc detailing!
  13. Love the crocodile detailing, not too much but just enough! Very nice!
  14. Love it- really a cool bag!
  15. another cool style!! Thx for sharing