My fave new cape coat from Dior!!!

  1. Hi!!!

    I dont think I've ever posted on the Dior boards but thought I would share with you girls my new coat. I finally got the sleeves altered and may actually bring it back to get the sides taken in a tad but I LOVE LOVE this coat and would highly recommend Jose at Saks NYC, he helped me find this coat and sent it to me tax free in VA too!!!


    Thanks for letting me share!!

    Christian Dior houndstooth blk/white swing/cape coat
    I had been eyeing this since it first debuted in the boutique but couldnt bring myself to pay retail for it at all. So I patiently waited...even was told the Dior boutique had only one size 36 left in the whole country...but then Saks in NYC luckily had one left too and my SA there held it for me till the one day Designer Day 40% off sale recently!!!

  2. ur one lucky gal ! congrats on your new beauty ! :drool::wlae:
  3. Very chic and stylish! Congrats on such an amazing deal!
  4. That is a beautiful coat, congrats!
  5. Wow congrats!!! That coat is gorgeous! Very 50's couture looking! :tup:
  6. great coat and you look gorgeous in it - great buy I say!
  7. that's cute
  8. These coats seem so popular now. I dont know why, but i CANNOT wear them. I look like a chubby butterball. It looks great on you and your slender figure.

    I just feel like if you skinny, they make you look skinnier and if you are chubby, they make you look chubbier.

    I tried on this one from Express that had the most gorgeous material and pattern. It was a shorter cape style, but it looked aweful on me.

    You look amazing in it and i love the color/texture/everything. Lucky girl!
  9. ^^awww thanks everyone!

    i know how it is to like something on the hanger and then not so much when you finally try it on =X

    I had been debating this since i saw it first in stores just because even the size 36 was huge on me...i may still alter it a little more on the sides. i had to shorten the sleeves before too as usual...

    but i think the cut has a lot to do with it, if it fits your frame, it will look good on you =)
  10. Gorgeous! It looks fab on you!