My fav LV scarf up on eLux Champ de Elysse

  1. OH wow i love it.
  2. It's beautiful, but I really don't have any use for scarves!
  3. i've seen the bandeau but it didn't really grab me. but seeing the scarf laid out, i like it a LOT. its very pretty :smile:
  4. I saw that yday....I love this design--have the bandeau. The colors and the pattern are stunning!
  5. ^^^ I concur! But...cannot...on a ban!:wtf:
  6. Ghost, we should try to be purse ban buddies! LOL
  7. Ooh! How pretty!
  8. aww i was all excited it was the bandeau
  9. I think it is pretty too! I wish I had a use for a scarf!
  10. wow that's pretty!
  11. Oh - its gorgeous!!! Now let's see if they have it in the Stockholm store...
  12. I love those, only own the blue bandeau and so wish I had gotten the pink one too.:sad:
  13. I never saw this one in the boutique, it looks lovely. Some very nice items have found their way to Eluxury lately!
  14. its really pretty.