my fault? buyer obsessive?

Jan 23, 2007
Okay, (long story) I bought a Coach Lily from a seller on ebay, the bag was new (I examined it and all).

Now I decided to sell it, since it was an impulse buy and I really couldn't afford it. I took a lot of pictures of it and listed it as NWOT (never used). I could detect no signs of use and the seller I bought it from said she had never used it.

Now the next day after I listed, the bag sold to an ebayer w/90 feedback. Easy transaction, I thought, with an experienced ebayer.

She messaged me saying the bag is used. I responded and explained the situation to her. She seemed fine afterwards and we left each other positive feedback.

BUT she messaged me again today saying again that the bag is used.
I told her I can't refund and that my description was not inaccurate (the bag was not used or stained, ripped, torn or anything).

I would refund if I could, but I already used the money to pay off a debt, I cannot get it back. I suggested she should sell it if she really doesn't want it.

I mean I can't do anything else, can I? :confused1: :shrugs: Can she do anything to me since I refuse to refund? (all my listings say "ALL SALES FINAL" in bold and red at the bottom)

ahhhh! :wtf:

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Sep 22, 2007
No I think she had a bit of buyers remorse which was made worse when she found out you got the bag from ebay. I mean even bags in shops get handled. How does one classify used? I think she is after part refund which I would be reluctant to do. She has no cause for a claim so I think she will stop asking when she gets nowhere with you.


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May 7, 2006
She could file SNAD but I truly hope that she doesn't. Maybe she's trying to finagle a refund of some of the money. Hold firm and good luck!
Jan 23, 2007
She could file SNAD but I truly hope that she doesn't. Maybe she's trying to finagle a refund of some of the money. Hold firm and good luck!

ehh what's SNAD?

She just messaged me back saying that she says it's used because of a brown spot (on a brown whiskey color mind you) on the back.

Doesn't she know that Coach legacy leathers come with stuff like that, I used to work there so I know. I had bought a Lily before from Coach and it had more spots than the one I just sold.


I hope I don't cave (and I can't, I=FLAT BROKE)


Apr 3, 2008
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Since you both left positive feedbacks etc.. there isn't much she can do. If she does file SNAD then she would need proof other than her word that it was "used" did she send you pics of the brown spot?


Jan 5, 2006
She's already left you positive feedback, so how "significantly not as described" could it be? :shrugs: PP should side with you on this if she files a complaint. I'd be firm and tell her that the bag is as described and pictured in the auction, and that you do not accept returns, as stated in the item description. If she keeps bothering you, I'd just ignore her. If she thinks she has a case, she can take it to PP.


Oct 22, 2006
Maybe she had one already and it has been used, and now she wants to switch it out with the one you sent. Kinda bait and switch, but with the real thing?

That crap happens all the time. Ask her to send you a pic of it, but by no means give in to her.
Jan 23, 2007
she hasn't sent any proof and that brown spot is the only reason she's given me for her "suspicions"

seriously, i need to quit ebay soon
Nov 20, 2007
Tell her she can't do anything now, PP will side with you because 1) time lapsed since receipt 2) she left you +ve fb.

And tell her to resell it if she wants the money so badly

Coming to think of it I did experience a similar situation where buyer wanted a refund. I told her she could try a PP claim, highly unlikely she'll get it in her favor. Told her to resell bag, and she had the NERVE to ask me for pictures and if she could copy my ad! :cursing: