My fantasy LV!

  1. I'm a dork so I sometimes think about LV items that I wish really did exist! lol

    Items I wish LV would make:
    1.) A Cerises Trunk! I don't own any trunks, but if there was a Cerises one I'd have to get my hands on one!
    2.) A pink miroir speedy... I love pink and I think it would look soo good!
    3.) I wish there were some LE Damiers, for instance with funky/colorful patterns like Purple/lilac, Hot pink/light pink, white/sky blue, etc you get the idea

    So what are your fantasy items?!:love:
  2. Id also really like LE Damiers, like all the cool stuff they did with cherry blossom and cerises for Mono, but Damier isnt getting any love! And id really like an Azur Petit Noe and a Fuschia Neo Cabby :smile:
  3. I know! Damier isn't getting any love! It has so much potential for LE items :smile:
  4. ~I would love to get a Cerises trunk too...would that be so cool if LV did make Cerises trunk-that way I can house my 2 Cerises babies in it. :tender:Great dream~
  5. I'd want a Cerises Speedy 30.... and more MC pieces
  6. I would love LE Damier stuff! I wonder what it would look like.....

    And a Cerises Trunk would be TDF!
  7. I would pay anything for a MC pegase 60 in black and white!
  8. I agree with you on the pink miroir idea. =p
  9. Damier is my favorite so I'd LVOE to see some LE Damier stuff!!! That would be awesome. Or maybe it's better that it doesn't exist....or my bank account would stay empty, lol.
  10. I hoped they would create a matching Mirage Noir wallet to go with my Speedy....... {{{ sigh }}} can dream.....!
  11. :tup: put me on that list!
  12. I was thinking today that I'd like to see vernis in silver and gold. Oh and the Tivoli in a couple of more lines would be great.
    Great idea for a thread, BTW.

    Okay, I see silver vernis on eBay, but I mean a really bright shiny stunning silver.
  13. My ultimate fantasy bag would be the Macha Waltz ... here is the one Let Trade has listed -


    ... but - I want it in a better shape!! Okay it is a beautiful handbag, but it's just too wide and squat. It's something like fourteen inches long and only about five and a half inches tall, and look at how much of the height is taken up by the ostrich top, which has the zipper running through it ... you'd be flat out getting a wallet your keys and a hairbrush in there. As it is, I can live without it; but the same bag, two inches narrower, three/four inches taller, I would have to get. :girlsigh:
  14. Oh, and for everything in Damier azur to be made with white leather handles ... like the Cruise bags. I wish!! :girlsigh:
  15. I would LOVE for LV to make a Monogram Canvas Aurelia GM. It would be insanely beautiful. I would also like to see a Monogram Canvas Patchwork Bowly... that would be SWEET!