My fantasy bag is the MbMJ TT Faridah bag in Bordeaux

  1. Here is a pic of the TT Faridah bag (in another colour) from eluxury:

    I have this bag in black with brass hw. I love the size and it keeps all my stuff organised, but I can't stop thinking about how fabulous it would look in bordeaux leather.

    Does anyone think the bag might appear in bordeaux, ever?? I know none of you have a crystal ball, but the more I think about it the more obsessed I am with the idea of how gorgeous it would look in bordeaux. I have come to the point now where I just want to make a plea to the people at MJ to make this bag in bordeaux!!!! LOL

    I love bordeaux but no other bag in this colour suits my needs like the TT Faridah.

    I don't think anyone can say anything to help me, but thanks for letting me rant and rave like a nut case!
  2. You don't like that Poppy color that Elux has? I think it's such a hot color! :nuts:
  3. Agreed! That poppy is TDF. One of those colors that everyone will comment on