My fancy Paddy:-) !

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  1. So I am just at my friend`s house and she made me take pics and says i have to post straight away..

    i bought my aubergine paddy a good while ago, but as much as i loved the leather and the colour:heart:, i couldnt get over the plain silver padlock:nogood:, i love the brass hardware so much more ... so i figured out i could bling my little baby out a bit and get rid of the silver padlock that annoyed me:idea:...

    it took a bit of effort to find a diamante padlock ( with silver leather ), a bit of stress to change the strips of leather on the padlocks..and here she is - the blingy miss aubergine ! :love: enjoy!

    PS. now i just need to figure out what to do with black patches where the silver is missing on the padlock...i bought it used...maybe ill just try and use silver paint...any ideas? thank you!
    paddy1.JPG paddy2.JPG paddy3.JPG
  2. So pretty. Bling Bling paddy :smile:
  3. Very pretty, and so unique with the diamante lock! :drool:
  4. That's a great's very nice.
  5. OMG! She's beautiful! I was going to say I didn't know the vegas style came in aubergine! She's TDF! You are one lucky AND CREATIVE girl, nat!
  6. I love it!!! Well done!
  7. really cute and creative-love the bag color-you can always just leave the black patches where the silver is missing on the padlock-gives it character in a vintage bling kind of way :smile:
  8. That is an awesome bag! I've been on TPF going on a year and just now checking out the chloe threads. I don't need to fall in love with any other bags for now but this is really pretty. Leather looks so soft, love the color
  9. OMG! Where did you find that diamante padlock??? I want one too:drool::drool: for my aubergine paddy! Gorgeous!
  10. thank you all, sweeties ! :heart: now my mastic paddy is all jealous about this missy LOL

    i may try and leave the scuffs ...but then im afraid it will start falling off in between the diamantes and this will be terrible...:sweatdrop:
  11. It looks great Nat! Thanks for all your help with my lock strip switch.
    I will get my Anthracite all Blinged out as soon as I switch the Argent Crystal Lock and I'll post pics too!
    I would just leave the lock alone as far as the black undertones, but I might put a sealer on it to prevent it from getting worse.

  12. i hunted it down on eBay ... im sure you will find one sooner or later!:tup: good luck the we can be aubergine twins ! :flowers:

  13. you do that hun and post pics ASAP ! and thanks for giving me a push to get it done ! :flowers:
  14. Yes:yahoo::yahoo:aubergine twins! Here I come! The hunt thus begins!:woohoo::woohoo:
  15. So fabulous! I love it!!