My family's first day at France

  1. My family just landed at paris yesterday. They also stopped over at London on the last 4 days. no birkin so far... they've been to the store at Paris ( not sure which one.) the SA told them they have no stock.

    They will try other stores tomorrow... I hope they can get me something!!!!

    will update everyday!
  2. HOW EXCITING!!! can't wait to see what they can score for u!!
  3. How exciting!!! Good luck!
  4. Good Luck!! Hope you can score something nice!!
  5. can't wait for the daily updates! good luck and keep us posted!
  6. This is exciting!
  7. Good luck!!
    Keep us updated.
  8. Ooooohhhhh.... This is very exciting :biggrin:
    More, more, more......
  9. Yay! Exciting news! ask your family 2 hit the same store & other stores in 1 day coz' 2day, they may not have any stock but tmw, they may have stock.:yes: 1 in the morning, the other in the evening. hey, this is like being in the Amazing Race competition!:rolleyes:
  10. :popcorn:
  11. Good Luck, Chloe!
  12. yes good luck ,you should be able to get a birkin if you are persistent !
  13. Happy Hunting!
  14. :yahoo: Go Chloe, go!!!
  15. bad news,, no birkin on the second day.. since they are on holiday they dress quite casual.. will that be the reason?

    I think they need some tips or help!