My Family

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  1. Such a funny show! I used to watch this ALL the time when I was in London!

    Meet the Harper family, who, on the face of it, seem quite normal; a married couple with 3 children. However, this family is far from normal.

    Ben is a Dentist who wishes he'd become a doctor. He frequently tries to understand his wife and kids, often with little success. He just cannot wait until his children have left home, something that unfortunately for Ben, never seems to happen. Played by Robert Lindsay.

    Susan is a tour guide in a museum, with her second failed passion being cooking. She knows how to get what she wants...even if Ben doesn't want it! Emotional blackmail is one of her strong points. Played by Zoë Wanamaker.

    Nick is definitely the joker of the family, who's main determination in life is to get a job and keep it for more than a few hours. He's been through several jobs, each one more surreal than the last, but ultimately he gets sacked anyway. He never loses his determination and seems happy with his lack of success, even though his father isn't. Played by Kris Marshall.

    Janey is your typical teenage girl with a selfish streak as big as her shopping list. Like Susan, she loves to get her own way. She made Ben and Susan Grandparents by a one-night stand at University, which lead to the birth of Kenzo and consequently her being expelled. Played by Daniela Denby-Ashe .

    Michael is the most intelligent and, he thinks, the most sane member of the family. He thinks of his family mostly as an oppression, permanently scaring him psychologically with their mad behaviour which he also blames for his lack of success with girlfriend relationships. It's unwise for another Harper to attempt to trick Michael, as he will always have the last laugh. Played by Gabriel Thomson.

    Abi is the daughter of a one of Ben's cousins. She’s naive and about as bright as spent light bulb. She can never seem to do anything right but this isn't helped by the fact that most of the time she's completely oblivious she's doing anything wrong.Played by Siobhan Hayes from Series 3 onwards.

    Roger works in the dentist practice above Ben's and in many ways, without realising it, is Ben's arch nemesis. This is mainly because, like his love interest Abi, he's not very bright although unlike Abi, is quite irritating with it. Regardless of how often Ben makes it blatantly obvious he doesn't like Roger, it doesn't seem to faze him continuing to believe all is perfect with the world. Abi and Roger make the perfect couple if only either one of them would be honest about their feelings. (Played by Keiron Self from Series 4 onwards).

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  2. Susan: I have decided to put an end to this madness that is ruining all our lives.
    Michael: You're going to kill dad?

    Nick: Good evening. I believe you require my services.
    [gives Abi his card]
    Abi: [reading his card] "Nick Harper, Swimwear Model"?
    Nick: No, turn it over.
    Abi: [turns card over] "Nick Harper, Exorcist"?
    Nick: That's right.

    Susan: Remember the goldfish?
    Nick: It was an accident.
    Susan: Nick. You put Alka-Seltzer in his bowl.
    Nick: I thought he'd like a jacuzzi.

    Ben: I assure you, I said nothing wrong. All I said was, "Hi there, I'm Michael's Dad, what's that game about?' And that was all.
    Michael: [From inside the kitchen] And his flies were open the whole time.

    Michael: Nick, I gave you money for a film.
    Nick: I know. I rented Stuart Little 2. I love that talking mouse.
    Michael: I meant go to a film.

    Ben: Nick, I don't know whether you are genuinely insane or just winding me up. But I'm tired, I'm stressed and I'm fighting for one third of the duvet. I've got three things to say to you - shut up, shut up and shut up.

    Nick: Dad!
    Ben: No.
    Nick: What?
    Ben: I'm anticipating your next question, it begins with, 'Can I have?'
    Nick: Wrong, it begins with, 'Can you lend?'
    Ben: Funny, they both end with, 'No'.

    Nick: Why do you always give me things that are broken?
    Ben: Because you always break them.
    Nick: I didn't break it; it just got a little damp.
    Ben: Nick, 'portable' does not mean 'submergible'.
    Nick: It didn't say that in the instructions.
    Susan: How do you know? You didn't read the instructions.
    Nick: Well, I didn't want to get the pages wet.
    Ben: I think I'm going to quit while I'm ahead.

    Police Officer: (of the alarm) Your neighbours are complaining it goes off at all times during the night.
    Susan: We don't complain about their garden gnomes.
    Police Officer: They don't make a noise.
    Susan: Oh please! They positively scream bad taste.

    Susan: You know, I'm beginning to feel slightly nervous about this evening.
    Ben: So am I, let's cancel.
    Susan: Out of the question, we're doing this for Nick.
    Ben: What you're doing is inviting the enemy into the camp so you can assess their fire power.
    Susan: You're so cynical. I'm simply inviting my son's girlfriend over so I can see what the cradle-snatching cow is really like.

    Susan: Oh, just admit it. You'd rather be married to a 23-year-old with a perfect body.
    Ben: Oh, don't be ridiculous! I don't want a perfect body, I want you.
    (Susan glares angrily at him)
    Ben: That sounded much better in my head, before it came out of my mouth.

  3. Yep I love the show! Nick (the funny one) went on to star in the Movie Love actually, he has a face you just want to laugh at, and is currently in lots of UK ads for BT broadband at the moment lol ;)

    its a great family show
  4. Oh my God! As soon as you said that, I could place Nick perfectly in Love Actually!