My family photos

  1. Hi everyone, I wanted to post my family photos, I have taken all the pics, I have just tried to upload them, but it says that the file is too big:crybaby: I don't know how to make it smaller:crybaby: can someone help me post, maybe if I email them to a kind member that could post them for me. HELPPPPPP:sos:
  2. Somebody help me:sos:
  3. I had that same problem at first. I know there MUST be a easier way but this is the only thing that I could think of........

    I prepared the photo to send an email and when it gave me a choice of size...I picked "small" and then I sent the email to myself.

    I then used that copy of the picture to attach and it worked!!
  4. thanks I will try
  5. HERE WE GO....





  6. Thanks, incoralblue!!!

    I am DROOOOLING here!!! Especially lovin' the pumpkin Twiggy. OH MY! (makes me so glad I'm on the list for a jaune Twiggy!)
  7. Thanks incoralblue you are so sweet and kind, hugs for you from me
  8. WOW marie1ollie :nuts: what an AMAZING collection :yahoo: !! Just BREATHTAKING :drool: I'm speechless ! I especially adore the '04 rose city ;) it's so beautiful !

    Thank you so much for sharing :flowers: :love:

    And many thanks to incoral.... for loading up those fantastic pictures :winkiss:
  9. Excuse my feet in the photos I had to stand on my bed, I sold my bordeaux city lat night, so she's gone and my Iindigo will be gone soon she's on eBay now.
  10. No problem at all!

    I love the colors!!! The indigo is so yummy!
  11. amazingly incredible mix!!

    :wlae: :woohoo:
  12. YUM, YUM, YUMMMMMMYYYYYYY! marie, you have one helluva collection there, woman! Just TDF...:drool: :love:
  13. absolutely beautiful!
  14. Wow what a fantastic collection!!!! I do also LOVE the pumpkin twiggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Thanks everyone! I have been wanting to start a thread but I'm a little bit shy.
    My Mom and I share the collection which is fun.
    Can wait to add another hobo and the new limited Magenta:yahoo: