~*~My Family Photos~*~cts900’s Quasi-Collection Thread~*~

  1. I love your entire collection!! :love:
  2. :drool: what an fab collection!..love the turban knots and glitter vp are yummy!
  3. I luv luv luv your collection!
  4. you have great shoes & I love how you grouped them together in the detailed shots. Nice!
  5. Such a lovely collection. Your display ideas are really creative and fun!!
  6. Beautiful collection - I especially love the glitter VP's!
  7. gorgeous collection!!!
  8. Fabulous collection, CTS! I am loving your HPs and Bruges s much!
  9. I love your collection, cts! You can tell that every single pair was chosen very carefully.

    If I had to pick favorites, they'd be the Rosella flats, Turban flats (LOVE that color!), and the glitters. :love:
  10. Cts, what a beautiful collection. I really love the way you group them together. Thank you so much for sharing. Everything looks great on you, but def the knotted vamp style are made for you.
  11. Beautiful collection cts ! :love:

  12. what a beautiful collection, cts!!!!
  13. cts900 I'm in love with your collection!! Your Lady Gres are my dream shoe!! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely collection! :flowers:
  14. OMG, where have these been hiding:nuts:. I love, love, love your collection!! Of course, my favourites are Multi Greis (shoe twin:yahoo:), Pink patent HPs (awww the colour:drool:) and tobacco Miss Marple (so classic and comfy). Congrats!!
  15. cts - i love your collection!

    we are gold graffiti flat shoe twins!

    those pink patent HPs make me :drool: i stalk the bay constantly for that color.