My Family Photo!!

  1. Here they are!:yahoo:

    I'm pretty proud of my little collection since I'm still a 21 year old unemployed college kid but I've been saving up since I was 16 :yes:. Go me!!

    06 White Day, 06 Emerald Courier, 05 Ice Blue Twiggy, 05 Ice Blue First, 05 Chocolate First, and 06 Cornflower Shrug.

    "I'm like a proud mama"

    Unfortunately, I will be parting with the White Day on Monday since it got sold. I think I might have to find new homes for the Ice Blue First and Twiggy too since they don't really fit in my collection now that I returned my Sky Blue Day and that I have a Chocolate First..
    Although I do have a little light blue Planet and a Sky Blue Twiggy on it's way to me (I have been patiently waiting 2 weeks for the Twiggy, where is it??:shrugs:).
  2. :drool:
    thanks so much for posting up a family pic! totally love the ICE BLUES! :nuts:
  3. Thanks Helen. I love the Ice Blue Twiggy for it's leather. It is unbelievably thick and you can barely see any veins unless you look VERY close on the mirror, which tends to be the most veiny area. It's also so soft it falls into a pile of mush whenever I set it down. It's so cute!!

    I love all my babies for different reasons though.

    White Day:It's more obviously pre-loved but that makes it so I'm not constantly paranoid about it getting dirty/nicked. I'm still super cautious with all my bags but this one doesn't keep me on my toes.

    Emerald-It's HUGE! Ladies, sometimes size does matter ;) LOL

    Cornflower: It's my first B-bag ever, so it will always be special to me. It's also one of my favorite colors.

    Chocolate: This bag is so delicious looking in color and goes with almost everything you wear
    and dresses it up too.

    Ice Blue First: So soft...I see it as the youngest "baby" in my collection.

    Ice Blue Twiggy: See above =)


    I'm pretty sure I sound crazy now...:weird:
  4. Thank you for sharing pics of your family !!!
  5. Beautiful family!
    I wish I had a family like yours. :P
  6. What a beautiful 'bbag-family' :nuts: - CONGRATS lizlike..... :flowers: and thank you so much for sharing :love:
  7. Your collection is so great! You have given a fellow college student hope:yes:
  8. Great collection!! You should be proud. I will be waiting to see your twiggy.
  9. great collection!
  10. You should be a proud mama....
  11. Very nice. :yahoo: I see that you like white. I love the Balenciaga's in white. I get so many compliments on my whites. I baby them, never carry them by the handles. I can't stand dark handles. I can't help it. They just gross me out and I don't think I am going to ever love a bag enough to buy one with dirty handles.
  12. You have a very nice family! Great variety. I :heart: the blues! Thanks for sharing your pics. :smile:
  13. I love ALL your bags! I would die for a blue B-bag!