My Family Photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi

    Here is my Bal familia!!!:smile: The pictures were taken outdoors in direct sunlight.

    They are Emerald '06 Courier, Rouge VIF Large Bowling, Black '05 Work, Caramel '03 City, Black '06 clutch and Lilac '04 Clutch!

    I have shown an individual photo of my Black Work to show you her split tassels on the top- I just love it!!! The more tassels the merrier!:lol: Also, my Lilac clutch is shown in her own photo b/c I love her- too cute!:tender:

    Thanks for visiting!!!!
    100_0756.JPG 100_0758.JPG 100_0766.JPG 100_0759.JPG
  2. Zacorey your collection is beautiful!! I am sooo jelaous! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    I love yor caramel ! Congrats and thanks for sharing!!!
  3. Such a pretty collection!

    Ya know...the tassles on the handlebars of a motorcycle are always split....I kind of think that these tassles are SUPPOSED to split at some point. If we really think about it....what if split tassles were just the most desired thing ever? It's all in our perception. If we all start thinking that the split tassles are a sign of authenticity or something, then we'll all want split tassles.

    Rambling here...sorry...
  4. That rouge vif bowling looks super smooth and slouchy!! I love the longer handles, too ... is she more comfy to carry on the shoulder because of that?
  5. Woohoo...what a big family....Especially love the rouge vif bowling....
  6. Love your collection Zacorey - my favorites are the lilac clutch and the black work, although it is hard to pick favorites when they are all so gorgeous. Thnaks for posting.
  7. I love them all--especially that caramel city. What a wonderful collection!
  8. beautiful collection!
  9. :drool:
  10. you have a beautiful family, zac! congrats!!!!!!:love:
  11. lovellllyyyyy zac!!!!:heart: :drool: :heart:
  12. :yahoo: :yahoo: GO Miz Z!!! Your family is just lovely. I like how all your bags are different styles and they all look amazing. :jammin:
  13. Congrats Zacorey.... I love your collection!:love:
  14. I love all of your bal bags!! They are all so gorgeous
  15. Oh Zac, that's such a beautiful and versatile collection. I'm so happy for you that you discovered all those treasures.