My Family of Spies!

  1. It finally stopped raining long enough for me to take my girls out for a photo shoot! They loved the sunshine and looked great altogether as a family!:heart:

    My newest additions are my Baby Choco and Miss Silver Spy, who is just amazing!! I highly recommend this colour!

    Hope you enjoy the pics...:heart::heart::heart:

    Here is The Family and Miss Silver!
    The-Family.jpg Miss-Silver.jpg
  2. Here are the choco babies and the mummies and babies!!
    ChocoBabies1.jpg Mummys-and-babies.jpg The-babies.jpg
  3. OMG OMG OMG!!! These are the photos I have been waiting for!!!! I am in shock here...
  4. WOW! Shocked! Awesome!
  5. I forgot to say which Spies are in the pics! Oops!!;)

    Regular Spies::heart:
    Red Acacia
    Stripey Denim

    Babies :heart:
    Stripey Denim
  6. that's a lot of spys!
  7. wowwww I love!:drool: Is the choco the one with the darker handles? Thanks so much for the pics..
  8. ^^Thank you!! Yes, the baby choco is the one with the dark handles.
  9. If they ever need any adopting be sure to let me know... :graucho:
  10. You have just the best collection, sooooooooo love your new ones, bet you turn some heads with those beauties. I am thrilled for you they are stunning
  11. Kav will do!!;)

    thanks sweetie! Miss Silver definitely gets some attention when she is out!! I love her!!:heart:
  12. OMG how gorgeous.
  13. wow....nice collection...:nuts: i only have one spy (bought just two days ago :shame:smile:
  14. I :heart:!!

    May I live in your closet, please?
  15. :nuts: Love your collection!!!