My family of Koobas

  1. I needed to take some detailed photos of one of my Kooba bags this morning and decided it was a good opportunity to take a 'family' portrait. I will try and get individual pics and post in 'pics of our Koobas'.
  2. Very nice! :tup:
  3. Nice pic mini! Just imagine how it will be when you get your hands on the rest of your Koobas in september. will have to take a widescreen shot to fit them all in.

    I really love your maria and ada. :yes:
  4. Gorgeous collection--congrats!!
  5. Mini, your collection if beautiful! I love seeing them all spread out on your bed.
  6. Love those colors...great family portrait!
  7. Just great Mini. I love them all!
  8. Beauties...all of 'em beauties! Very nice collection that you have there. Ahhh...the Maria is TDF. Thanks for sharing the pic with us. Congrats!
  9. Beautiful, Mini! I love them all!
  10. I covet your Maria!!!
  11. What a proud Mama you are! Your family is just beautiful! How lucky you are! :heart:
  12. Mini, they're lovely! Think you'll need a bigger bed when you get all your lovelies reunited:graucho: Can't wait to see them all!
  13. There will be three more adding to the collection in a week or so, when I'll take a new family portrait. Then I think I can update it again around mid-September with another three :blush:. I think I need a walk-in wardrobe just for Kooba bags! Honestly, I am going to stop buying Koobas... one day!
  14. They're gorgeous Mini! Thanks for posting!
  15. :love: that Ada!