My Family of Bags!!!

  1. Here is my family of bags... Most were just newly acquired on eBay... I sold a bunch of Dooney's and 1 Coach I was not using and got myself a few new ones, that I LOVE..

    Sooooo here they are.... at least the few fews.... Dooney's and Coach's....
    Coachblack.JPG coachbluewhite.JPG coachopticblack.jpg coachscribble.JPG Dooneyblack.JPG
  2. Nice collection, thanks for sharing..
  3. Very sweet collection!
  4. Love the white and navy Coach!
  5. That was only the beginning... I have more... and here they are....


    The small black one is a no name bag I got for Christmas from my friend... but it is quite nice....
  6. And my newest addition... currently in the mail on it's way to me...

    I am hoping it is here by Saturday.. :yahoo:

  7. Thanks Valley... I only just got that a month ago on eBay... Got a great deal.. $50 bucks off the Buy It Now price... she had no bids and I just made an offer... I was quite excited.. I love it toooo...

    And the maroon Dooney, I put that shoulder strap on it myself.. I bought it at the Dooney outlet in Maine... with the short handle, then I got a strap of the same light vachetta leather from eBay and have a AWESOME shoulder bag now.. LOL...

    I want a Fendi Speedy and a LV.. some day..... :drool:
  8. Nice COllection! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Nice!
  10. Love your coach scribble bag!
  11. Thanks Silver... I just got that one off Ebay for what I think is a decent price.. It is gorgeous.. I am saving it to use on vacation in June...

    I love Coach bags... already have my eye on a couple more, even tho I soooo don't have the funds... :p
  12. Great Collection.
  13. your newest baby looks great, congrats.
  14. Very nice!!!!! I love that first black purse with the blue lining and accents....truley pretty and chic!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. lovely collection! :biggrin: