My family back from NYC with a few H boxes....

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  1. My dear family ( hubby and 2 DDs) braved it into NYC today to pick up a few H goodies for yours truly and for my MIL. They picked out this scarf for my MIL (I'm not feeling it.....), it's called au coeur de la vie (HG any other details will be appreciated!).

    The rest of the boxes went under the tree to be ravaged Christmas morning. I am going to be good, I am going to be good, I am going to be good:angel:

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  2. Congrats!!! love the scarf and can't wait to see what you got! :yahoo:
  3. oh! I love that scarf - just got it in the black colourway!

    Can't wait till Christmas, Rose!!
  4. Really, not too colorful??
  5. well, not for me...I like them bold!!
  6. That scarf is lovely!
    those boxes must be very tempting!
  7. what is a MIF?:shrugs:
  8. It's colorful but it's lovely on! The black colorway that GF got is STRIKING, IRL. Is this scarf yours? I don't know what MIF means, Rose.......
  9. oops, I meant MIL
  10. I love colorful scarves so this one is right up my alley! :yes: Love all the animals.

    Hope you last longer waiting to open presents than I did. LOL ;)
  11. can't wait to see what you got Rose! So excited for you!
  12. No, the scarf is for my MIL (not MIF, typo). I do hope she likes it, she is a very 'colorful' person unlike me. I think she will......
  13. Ok.....I think that colorway is great for MIL. If it were for you, I might suggest an exchange for the one with the black background. Just so incredibly stunning!!!

    How are you going to resist opening those yummy orange boxes?!??!?!!? I'd be plucking at the ribbons for the next week!!!!!
  14. Congrats.
  15. It's going to be hard....

    I am guessing the round one contains a plisse, the long one a pocket square, and I am not sure about the other ones. One may be a pencil for my GM agenda...