My family and their LV

  1. Do u girls have this prob with ur family. I take great care of my bags. I hardly put them on the floor. Even in the car i find a good spot to leave my bag so it doesnt get scratched or dirty. I baby them so to speak. But my family they are awefulll!! My bro he lets his teething baby chew on his LV wallet..:sad: My Sis In Law not only let the baby chew the handles, she always hang the bags outside the room at this odd angle that the handles are bended. My Neverfull and Fendi spy are now at a horrible state. I coulnt imagine even using it again. The neverfull r not even 3 mths old. And the Spy is so expensive.. Im so :cursing:.. My mum is only slighty better. 2 days of using my New MC Speedy. Obvious scratches on the zipper vachetta, front pocket and dirt marks on the handles.. :crybaby:
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  3. :push:
  4. Thats not good! The only person I know with an LV is my room mate he has a damier wallet but he's pretty good about treating it well cause he knows it's an LV and costs a bit of money... I'd die if someone in my family did that! HAHA
  5. if the LV is not mine although i'll feel sad for the bag/wallet i will most likely not do or say anything to my friends/ family member. if the LV item is mine i'll really be very upset. people may not know how to avoid "hurting" the vachetta/ canvas and so it's not done on purpose. it may be good to conduct a LV care 101 before lending any LV to them again. i guess the best is not to let anyone borrow bags that is too precious to us.
  6. I'm so sorry. I know what it feels like to get back things we love in worse condition than when you gave it to them. Just tell them how you feel. :smile:
  7. Why would you ever bother letting your family use your stuff when you know how horrible they take care of things. You really have no reason to complain since you are allowing it to happen. You can't be taken advantage of unless you let someone do it.
  8. I am so sorry to hear that.
  9. Maybe you should tell them how much it means to you.. my mom is super careful with my bags cause she knows how unhappy I'd be if she hurt them !!
  10. Sorry, to be blunt but you should be direct with your family and tell them the truth, that you will no longer lend them your bags if they do not treat them with respect.
    You get nowhere being walked over, I am sure you will feel better as you won't be simmering inside.
  11. tell them how you feel. there should be an honest, nice way to say it. good luck, girl!
  12. What bagaddict503 said. This can't go on. One should as a general rule be super careful with other people's properties.
  13. OMG! ><

    My mom is super careless about her bags, I mean she'll just put it on the ground regardless of where she is and just toss it onto whereever shes trying to put it on, so I would be very hesitant on letting her borrow my purses.. ><
  14. That's awful.
  15. yikes! no, we are all pretty good, the worst I can think of is that my son puts his wallet in his back pocket and so he sits on it and now it's shaped like his butt ... lol