My family...a llittle blah....but growing

  1. Heres my family so far. Can you tell I like black and white? I know its blah but I have some colour in the form of an 04 True Red First and an 05 Apple Green City on their way.

    So far I have:

    07 Natural Brief with GH
    06 Black Brief
    06 F/W White Twiggy
    05 S/S White First
    07 F/W Black Twiggy
    05 F/W Black First
    05 Pewter First :heart:
    05 Rouge Theatre Coin :heart:
    06 Black MU Clutch
    06 Black Mini Compagnon.

    If you look at my wish list below, Im nore really diversifying am I? Oh well, works for my black Toronto Wardrobe.
    family.JPG naturalbriefgh.JPG pewterfirst.JPG rtCoin.JPG
  2. Blah? No way!!! Your collection is GORGEOUS!!!!! Love all of them.:yahoo:
  3. Gorgeous girl, I'm tellin' you that you will love the AG city. YOu have an amazing collection, not blah at all!
  4. Dont say that! its lovely!
  5. OMG that RT coin is ADORABLE!!
  6. [​IMG]
    Your collection is classic! They are all beautiful!
  7. Nothing is blah in there.:nuts: I love your Natural Brief, White Twiggy, Pewter First and RT mini coin purse and every thing else in there hehehe.:p
  8. You have some great bags! Some of us (including me) are just into bag colors that go with a lot of things. I :heart: your RT coin! I WANT, I WANT!:graucho:
  9. I agree, it's not blah at all! Your choices are great & you can wear a bbag for any occassion :yes:
  10. lol! Thats pretty much what I try to do. When I look at my wish list, it really rounds out some occasions I might be missing.
  11. [​IMG]

    Oh mine, u have a fabulous family collection...:yahoo: :yahoo: I love ur rouge coin purse typically....i've love to own one too......congrats for ur new bbags...enjoy:nuts: :nuts:
  12. Very nice!! You've got some awesome bags there!! You're collection is "classic", not boring!! That brief in natural is yummy!!!:nuts:
  13. Wow. I love your collection. To me, it's not small at all!:smile:

    I love the pewter FIRST especially. Such a beauty!
  14. Beautiful collection! I have the natural GH brief too...I love it because it's so different from the rest of my collection, and it goes with everything from sweats to a little black dresss!
  15. SpecialK, funny because the colors in my collection is very similar to yours. It was only when I had all my bags together that I realized that my collection is bland. BUT, hey, we have an affinity to neutral colors and there is nothing wrong with that. Your collection is TDF!