My Fall 2006 Dilemma

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  1. Okay ... I've been looking & looking & looking at all the new bag styles and colors, trying to decide which ones (yes - plural) I'm going to purchase. Here's what I'm thinking so far:
    1. Picture #1 - Part Time: Love :heart: this style - was thinking in either Blue India or Truffe (Tobacco).
    2. Picture #2 - Purse: Also love :heart: this style - thought this would look great in either the Rouge Vif or Grenat. I have the 2005 Rouge Theatre, but don't have the Bordeaux (which was on my "Want" List).
    3. Picture #3 - Afternoon: I think this is such a wicked-cool style - thought that this would look smashing in the Truffe (Tobacco) color.
    4. Picture #4 - Large Padded: WOW ... that's all I can say about this bag!!! I originally saw this pictured in the Vogue - Collections Magazine in (what I'm assuming) is the Blue India color; so I'm going with that color!
    5. Picture #5 - X-Large Courier: Yes, I have the Courier, but since I travel a great deal, I thought that the X-Large Courier might be a great addition (and god knows - it's going to hold a heck of a lot of :censor: !!). Was thinking about the Rouge Vif or Grenat color (then again ... the Rouge Vif would really standout huh?!?!)
    What do you think folks?!?!? {All pictures are from}
    Part Time from AN.jpg Purse from AN.jpg Afternoon from AN.jpg Lg Padded from AN.jpg Courier from AN.jpg
  2. ...umm... all of them?
    ;) just kidding... hehe :graucho:

    I like the part-time a lot (in blue india yum!) and the purse in grenat... and the quilted in blue india was so pretty in that ad campaign
  3. my #1 vote is for the the grenat/oxblood purse, yummmmmm :P
  4. Wow, ceejay! Will you adopt me so I can hang out with all of your new bags when you get them?! :lol: Seriously though, they all look great. I would definitely get at least one in the Red--I think the color will be really hot for the fall.
  5. My vote goes for the Grenat Purse or Blue India Part time. :smile:
  6. We can all dream :roflmfao: , huh?!?!? Seriously though ... I had my foray into the non-Balenciaga Bag world (Chloe Python Silverado, YSL XL Muse, etc.) ... these will all go to support the above!
  7. It depends on how many you definitely will get. If your max is two or three, I'd say the parttime blue india, a grenat (you seem to like large bags so I'm not sure if a purse will be what you want), then the XL courier in rouge vif.
  8. It sounds like you have a great plan Ceejay. I love the afternoon too!
    It looks like an amazing travel bag as well. The x-large courier is big
    as a that too! I haven't even started thinking about Fall,
    except that I need to buy a weekender!
  9. my first choice would be the purse in rouge then grenat.
    second choice is the afternoon in blue india.

    how nice it is to dream.
  10. I'm going to be crazy and say the courier in blue india! :smile:
    (oh and the padded one too in blue india if that is indeed the color that was shown in the ads.........)
  11. love the large padded and the part time
  12. If there ever a dilemma to be in, this would be it! I'd love to be in your dilemma! :biggrin:

    Good luck with your choices! I'm no help but I'd love to see a b-bag in the new styles!
  13. My first choice would be the rouge vif Purse. Love that style:smile:) Then maybe in the oxblood. Next would be the rouge vif Xcourier!! This colour is meant to blow your mind, lol. So, the bigger the bag, the more mind-blowing power, WOOHOO!:P
  14. Numbers 1 and 3...the Part Time in blue-grey, the Afternoon in the truffe brown. I heard that the quilted is going for around $2000...a bit steep for a b-bag!
  15. I like the part time in blue india but whatever bag you choose will always look smashing on you!