my fake stam: RESOLVED

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Feb 20, 2009
hey guys sorry for the absence, I had been away because for about 2 weeks I had been waiting for my friend that works for the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to try to see if he could help me with that stam bag. SO finally today, he called and said he is able to get me back 350 dollars for the bag. Frankly, I know that is only a quarter of the org price, but I am glad I can finally put a closure on this topic.


Sep 9, 2006
who refunded him? the bbb doesn't have the authorization to force any business to issue a refund. they only act as the mediator. the business can do as they choose risking their bbb rating, which may mean little to nothing for a large corporation like lvmh especially if they're bbb members to begin with. also, why and how would a $350 be an adequate solution to a boutique breaking the law and selling you a counterfeit handbag? i don't mean to be accusatory, but this resolution doesn't make much logical sense.
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Sep 13, 2006
I'm glad you said it tad (I was trying to be "polite")
I just feel like we're heading down the same path as the previous thread with unanswered questions, confusing allegations and unbelievable results.

While the BBB will act as a mediator between a consumer and a business, with what little information and/or proof of purchase that was (wasn't) provided, I don't see how the BBB could put itself in a position to "force" a company like MJ and/or LVMH to issue a refund (or partial refund) in this case. I would hope that they would require some type of proof of purchase before they proceed with mediation

I'm sorry, but once again, I feel like we're being mislead.

I wish the OP would be more forthcoming with the entire story -- how/why did the BBB get involved? What did they base their opinions on? Who issued the refund and how/why would anyone do this with no proof of original purchase? (did you and/or your BF find some kind of proof of purchase?)


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Sep 1, 2007
:confused1: This "resolution" doesn't make any sense....who's issuing this refund, the MJ store or LVMH??? The BBB is the middle man, who helps resolve a consumer issue...why would they pay (they don't)? Can't wait to hear more.


May 17, 2008
:confused1: Can you post the whole story? These bits and pieces make no sense at all.

I'm really surprised the BBB came to a conclusion so quickly. I've dealt with them once before and it took over 3 months to get my money back from Toshiba with their assistance.
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