My fake handbag story aired today!

  1. i think you looked terrific! let's hope they get all those fake traders!
  2. Thanks so much! I wish they'd not edited out my comments about the Purse Forum and how much I've learned here. Poo!
  3. You did an amazing job and looked fabulous at the same time!! Congratulations! :flowers:
  4. shucks, I'm at work and can't see it until I get home... I can't wait! I'm sure you did good! =)
  5. bag-addict - you were fabulous!! You looked gorgeous and your knowledge really shined through. That was an awesome segment. Congrats to you for your part in getting it done!:tup:

    BTW, that reporter guy was a hoot! He startled me a little when he pointed at me and said "Don't be a victim!" LOL!
  6. Honestly, I never met the guy. His moustache annoys me though! Maybe that's because I never liked Wilfred Brimley either. (He's the know-it-all who pitches oatmeal on TV.)
  7. Great job!

    BTW, I think MJ should reimburse you for those plugs, maybe a free handbag or something....
  8. You did fantastic! I'm so excited for you, you looked great and so did your MJ's!!!
  9. I never posted in this sub-forum before, but your thread caught my attention. You looked great, and very knowledgeable! I did not realize there are counterfeit golf clubs...

    I was in Narita airport last year, and there was a display of fakes that have been confiscated off of travelers, and a big warning sign! I wish other airports would make similar efforts.
  10. You did a great job! You looked stunning! I hope it helps deter some people from accidentally buying fakes off eBay.
  11. You looked fab! I'm so proud of you, good job!
  12. oh you're amazing! keepin it real too. you looked lovely. thanks for sharing the clip.
  13. Hi,
    Great job!
  14. You did a great job! Your Marc Jacobs collection is beautiful!!