My Fake Baby

  1. Im sorry if this was already posted but i had to share this. idk its left me feeling so sad. there are several parts, these are the first 2 out of 5. it starts off slow but it gets better as it goes along
  2. ^^ It says the video is no longer available.
  3. umm...can't see videos.
  4. Creepy and bizarre, but to each their own...
  5. ita .ive only watched the first part so far but that is the perfect word..creepy
  6. ooh yeah, i watched that. i also felt kind of creeped out but it's kind of understandable too.
  7. I saw this on my AOL homepage earlier today.

    It reminded me of a woman I knew when I was a kid... apparently she was never able to have children, nor was she married. But she had baby dolls she dressed up and cooed to and treated like they were alive. I really felt sorry for her. She adored my daughter though, and gave me a lot of things for her when she was born.
  8. Those poor women! They all have different reasons for doing this, and my heart bleeds for them.

    As someone who can't have children, I don't judge and I don't call it creepy, because I understand thir need for wanting a baby, and for some reason, not being able to.

    . . . . I'm planning on adopting a child when I'm ready for one, and getting a reborn isn't even entered into my mind.

    My question is: What about that lady's other children? I hope she doesn't spend all her time on this while neglecting her other children.

    Does the documentary ask what her children think?

    These would be wonderful for a scene in a movie or TV show where they need a newborn.

    (When I was working at Victoria's Secret, a girl who looked to be about high school age came in carrying a baby doll. At the time we thought that was a little strange but we disregarded it. Thinking about it, that must have been a school project similar to the 'egg baby' . . . but instead of an egg, they get a doll.)
  9. I have a friend who collects life-sized baby and child dolls, and I find the dolls creepy. I am not judging the people who collect them or those women who care for them as if they are real, but dolls as a general rule creep me out. I do find it sad, though, that people are putting so much emotion into inanimate objects when they could be adopting or volunteering or caring for real people.
  10. i really feel so bad for them too & for the woman in your neighborhood Speedy. i cant stop thinking about it. i have to watch the rest tomorrow
  11. OK that is just weird. I couldn't watch the whole thing...creepy. :blink:
  12. Is this a joke???? I don't mean to offend but I cannot even imagine this.... how strange...
  13. Wow, is that weird.

    The part that creeped me out the most was when they showed the lady who makes the dolls putting all these baby parts on a tray and she looks like she puts it in the oven :wtf:
  14. ^^^OMG :wtf: I havent seen that part yet!!