My faith has been renewed

  1. Hi everyone! I haven't been in this forum for quite some time now. I've been a little busy...:shame:. I hope some of you still remember me though! I've also been hanging out at the Balenciaga subforum a lot and somewhat forgotten about poor ol' Louis. But today something in the mail came that completely renewed my love for LV. She is just one gorgeous bag. :love: Anyone care to guess? :smile:

    Hint: She's made up of 10 letters!
  2. Ohhh the guessing game! I can't wait to see though!
  3. Oh I want to see pictures!!!!:yahoo: What is it? what is it?
  4. Lanie! What is it?
  5. i spelled about three bags out and i gave up!! what is it? haha!
  6. 10 letters? One word?
  7. Multicolor?
  8. Le Fabuleux! ; )
  9. damier azur? or is it just one word?

    please show us pics! i suck at guessing games.
  10. Damier azur.
  11. BALENCIAGA is 10 letters... hehe!
  12. it's 2 words and it's not damier azur, multicolor or LE FABULEUX! But I wish!!!!!!!
  13. does someone want to buy a vowel? LOL!

  14. E! :lol:
  15. Mas2388, how about a breakdown with the _ _ _ _ _ _ __ for example? hehee
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