My Fairy just got silicone!!

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  1. heehee nope, she didnt grow boobs, :shame: i took her to shoe repair (the best in my area) the same shoe repair that does all the shoes/bags from Saks, NM, etc., if they need repair, waterproofing, etc. She came out looking great....of course i will still be careful, but hopefully the coats of the silicone spray will take her out of the "impossibly delicate" category.......:woohoo:
  2. lol...gee, i was gonna say .. me too!!!
  3. purse... how do the fairies look? is there any difference in appearance? And if you don't mind, about how much for the silicone... geez... i can't believe my fairy might get silicone before I do... and I need "them" more! hee hee
  4. Jill omg........too funny! :roflmfao: and yours are gorgeous too!!! (and weather-proof!!) :woohoo:
    Marose, lolol......there is absolutely no change at all in the appearance of the fairies or any other design/color on the bag. nor in the texture of the leather. i was so happy when i picked her up from the doctor's, i mean, shoe repair place...(felt like i dropped my baby off to have surgery lol) It cost $40 US. They told me to have it done about twice a year, to keep the leather soft and to protect her, because the silicone treatment does wear off depending on how much you use her...but i do not plan to use her more than 2 times a week at the most.......probably less. She was not purchased to be an everyday bag.........they also told me just to keep her out of a downpour...but spilled juice, some water drops or coffee, etc., should not harm her at all! best of doing it for your baby! :flowers:
  5. what a great solution! i also wish for ... silicone ... but alas ... not happening.
    jill - do you have fake boobies? :graucho:
  6. Ah congrats purse-onality!! Aren't you glad you got it done?? I know I feel better about taking out my girls for a spin on the wild side. LOL

    Ah Jill too funny and hope you don't get an extra chair for your silicone beauties!!!!!!
  7. I put myself on a waitlist for the fairy tote! Thanks to you purse-onality... your silicone story gave me balls! LOL
  8. I rushed to click on this thread when I saw the titillating title.

    I think I'll hold off on any injections for me until I get implants for my more fragile purses.
    What a fantastic idea!

  9. That's a great idea to do to your fairy bag. Now it'll be more wearable.
  10. hahaha. great idea, i heard the fairy bags were running at the edges, i hope this helps!
  11. yesss! i am busting with hope.....will keep you all abreast of what happens...and may all fairy owners' cups runneth over (as the saying goes) with new found confidence in their bags...
    ok ok :nogood: i promise, no more...... is there a smiley for "enough already"? :roflmfao: heehee

    eeeeek i more! lol hehe
  12. ^ busting... abreast... cups runneth over... :roflmfao: oh purseonaility! :greengrin:
  13. congrats on purse-onality! do you know if the silicone spray can be purchased at a general store?
  14. I saw this bag today in london selfridges in hot pink! I must admit I initially thought it was ugly... until I tried it on. now... I WANT IT BADLY!!!! nafvshfbvorb32rfjf!!!!!! :wacko:
  15. Please ignore my last post. It was supposed to go on a Balenciaga thread about a floral bag... just realized after checking what my 100th post was. hahaha, now my 100th post is a blooper :roflmfao:
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