My Fairy is Running! I want my $ back!!

  1. Hi. Thought that I would let you all know that I am on my way to Prada. Went out this morning and there was a light mist, not even enough for an umbrella. I thought my bag did great until I got home and looked it over again. On one corner the black looks as if it bleed. It turned blue and stained the white leather around it. I did the best I could to take a pic. This is a very small run, but considering that I only started using it slightly on Saturday - that it will not get any better. I get the impression from Manhasset that they do not want to be bothered with me. I called to be sure that there was a manager there. They said that I should call Madison Ave, I told them that Madison Ave, said that I can return to any Prada in the world. The sa on the phone said "oh, okay". I am fuming! I am so ready to get into it today. I want the $ back to my CC and will not accept anything less! I already called my cc, they said that they can file a dispute.

    I will let you know what happens!

    Here is a pic of the small color bleed.
    DSCN3068.JPG DSCN3071.JPG DSCN3072.JPG
  2. OMG!!! For the amount of $ you paid for that purse it should NOT bleed. I hope it all works out ok!
  3. hate to say it..But I knew this thread was sad for all the money u all paid....
  4. Me too. Thats why I started using it right away! I have only received it on Friday.
  5. I hope you get your $$$ back. I was going to get one for my bday but glad I saw this thread before I did.
  6. Ah but she can get her money back Jill, Prada said they would do a refund, isn't that what she's after ???? Also, sure that isn't transfer from blue clothing???
  7. Thanks luv2live for posting the pic! I've been trying to imagine how the ink runs.. and I've got to say that the ink bleed is unacceptable for the price paid. I hope you get your money back. Good luck!
  8. No transfer. Had early morning errands - black nylon puffy coat.
  9. Oh, no! That's really sad. It's such a beautiful bag!

    I hope you get your $$ back. it looks like smeared marker. As others have's way too much money to spend on a bag that will run/bleed in a light mist.
  10. Luv, you know I'm in your court with this bag since I have one and love it. But you sure that's color bleed?? I wouldn't return my bag for that, if that's all it's going to do.

    Where is the blue in that area that the blue color came from??? When I hear about these "bleeding bags" (argh the terminology)--I was thinking that when your bag got wet, the rose color in that area would run.
  11. Longchamp, It is the black that turned blue, there is another small spot where it happened. I fear that the down the road it could be a real problem. I know that it is small now, but what it could become - would be awful. There is so much black in the bag.
  12. oh no!! I am sorry luv2live. this is not acceptable!! hope you get your $$$ back!!
  13. A lot of SA's were letting people know ahead of time that this ^ was very possible with the bag. And that it sould not be used in the rain. I heard that they woulden't give refunds if this is the reason for returning the bag.
  14. Not true LUV, Prada said yes to refunds, don't listen to all those who don't have one and are giving their two sense. Appreciated but not true.
  15. One more thing LUV, you sound very unhappy with the bag, so why don't you call for the refund??