My Fair Lady!

  1. Coin Purse from Diabro received yesterday... Ripped the package open the moment i got home.. LOL! Its much bigger than i expected it to be.. For now its gonna be my key pouch till i decide a better use for it.
    Coin Purse Vs The First
    At Work Family (i even have pastic covering the wall to protect my beloved. CRAZY!)
  2. I didn't imagine the coin purse that big !!
    Hmmm that violet SGH:heart:!!
    Congrats ;)
  3. Congrats!
  4. congrats! i :love: fair ladies.
  5. super cute! congrats! yeah the coin purse is pretty big. you can actually use it as a make-up pouch. love your family photo.
  6. Thats a GREAT idea considering i only have a lip balm and compact powder. Thanks robotdoll..
  7. I use my coin purse for my makeup, it's a great size!
  8. congrats!
  9. congrats!!
  10. I was rather surprised how roomy it is when my SIL showed me too.
  11. How versatile! Congrats!
  12. Love the collection photo and your coin purse rocks!!!
  13. Love your coin purse! I think you have a great collection!
    May I ask what color your First is? Truffle?
    I just got my 06 Truffle First today and I'm a bit sad as it is rough feeling and the tassels came split...Don't know if that is normal for 06.

  14. I love your new coin purse , its beautiful. congragulations. I just realized what SGH means!! I didnt wanna ask before. Is it silver giant hardware??? :shame:
  15. Yes its Truffle. I got like 2 months back.. When it came to me the straps were rough feeling too.. I moisturised it many timess with LMB, no improvement. The tassels were not in great shape im afraid. After like 10 uses it totally did a "banana split" haa.. But i used fabric glue to glue it back tog. u might wanna try tt. But if ur not happy exchange it i say..