My Fair Constance

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  1. I'm so excited to share with you my first H bag! :yahoo: It's a vintage Constance in rough H box and GW. Classic combo IMO, so French chic. :wlae: The dimension is 9"X7"- dunno what that converts to in CM. :sweatdrop:

    Okay here are the pix:

    The seller told me that she brought this into the BH shop to file away some minor scratches on the HW. Inside the purse I found the H receipt folder with Manuela's business card in it. I don't think the leather has been reconditioned though- is it possible to just ask to clean the hardware and not the leather? :confused1: But overall the bag is in great shape. The patina on the box is beautiful! :heart:

    Ok, now I have a question for the experts. I'm a bit confused on the datestamp.
    Sorry the pix is a bit blurry. The stamp is a big G followed by a smaller X. So which is the year stamp?

    Thanks for letting me share this with you! None of my friends get the H love- yet. :graucho:
  2. LOVE it -- congrats!

    anyone else think that "x" looks like a celtic cross?
  3. ^DQ: I think so, too!

    ^^Congrats! It's a beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  4. dressage, yes, it could be.....but, what I'm wondering is, when did the celtic cross begin it's use as the MC mark? I've not see t he CC on older pieces, have you? Could be, I have not seen enough older pieces, tho.

    dc120, Congratulations!! It is a stunning Constance....a classic.

    I'm wondering if we could impose on you for another pic of the letters/date stamp, this time, straight down, right over top of the letters so we can see these a little clearer????:yes:
  5. Love it!!!! :love: love the color/hw/everything soooo much!!!! Congrats!
  6. love the color and the bag --stunning
  7. Just BEAUTIFUL!!!! I adore the Constance and I think this one is the prettiest I've seen in the Rouge H! Gorgeous!!!!!!
  8. stunning!!! congrats!
  9. Thank you everyone!

    Isus, it's no porblem at all! By the way, the seller guarantees the authenticity of this bag is if it turns out that this bag is a fake (:crybaby: ), I can get my money back. So I appreciate anyone that can give me feedback on this bag!
    Here's the datestamp. The zipper pull has "ECLAIR" stamped on both sides. Is that ok? :confused1:

    And I took a photo of the Hermes stamp:
    The accent over the E seems to be rubbed off a bit. And there's light smudging overall of the stamp... perhaps due to old age?
  10. i wonder whether the G is the craftsman ID, with the CC to indicate mastercraftsman, and the date stamp is somewhere else? The G without a circle or square around it would make this bag from '61, and it doesn't appear quite that old.

    my 75 constance has the date stamp on one of the side panels, so it might be worth looking there. also, i've seen some constance bags with a date stamp inside the zipper pocket.

    edited to add, no problem with the eclair zip on older bags. from above the stamp DOES look like an x, so maybe you've got yourself a 1961 bag in TERRIFIC shape!
  11. The bag is definitely post-1970 as can be seen by the Hermes Paris Made in France stamp.

    It's a beauty!
  12. must be owners intials????
  13. (hello -- rhoda looks especially adorable today!)
  14. dressage queen, i tried looking in the bag but i couldn't find any other stamping. :shrugs: come to think of it, the seller (owner of a vintage store in southern CA) told me that the original owner of this bag told her it was early 80's. so it's definitely not as old as yours.

    the bag would definitely have a date stamp, right? :cursing:
  15. I have heard that the date stamp is sometimes forgotten.

    (DQ - the lady of the house thanks you for your compliments and wishes to inquire who the dashing beauty is in your Avatar. Hello also would like to know if you could come over some time and pull his mane since his owner is less than a pro!)