My Fair Brady !!

  1. this show is a trainwreck!! they are very mismatched. the marriage won't last. :hrmm:
  2. Not watching here. I chalk those two up in the "Why are they worthy of their own television show?" catagory. There are too many in that catagory by the way. Gastineau Girls, Blow Out, The Real Wives of the OC - just ridiculous. I'm sure there are more.
  3. I saw some last night after the Nick Lachey Behind the Music, she was trying on gorgeous wedding dresses after that I turned it off!
  4. I saw a few episodes but couldn't take it. As a little girl I had a crush on Peter Brady so I watched it out of curiosity to see what he looks like now, but the show is really bad!
  5. No, not anymore. I swear in like every episode she is in a thong! I guess if I had a body like that I would be showing it of too though. LOL
  6. She's really annoying...YUCK YUCK YUCK.
  7. OK, I'll admit my BF and I occasionally crack open a couple beers and watch this for a laugh. She has a rockin' bod but yep, I SEE THE TRAIN WRECK :biggrin: . I'll give 'em 6 months.

    OH and <claws out> she needs to lose that silver bag with the handcuffs on the shoulder strap...skanky.
  8. YES!! "SKANKY" is the perfect word for her!
  9. This show is SOOOOOO painful. I don't know how this "story" will end, but it feels like if they didn't have to film a whole season's worth of episodes, they would have broken up by now. They're both annoying.
  10. the show ,and their relationship is a train wreck
  11. I wonder if she would be with him if he were the same person living in middle class suburbia with a 200K house, working 9 to 5 in a cubicle...
  12. I just saw the parts they make fun of on the "Soup".:lol: Looks pretty silly but then again, what reality show doesn't?
  13. I watched a couple of episodes and thought :yucky: . Why are these two together? The most amusing thing was the shop where she is buying her wedding gown is 3 blocks from my house! They live in Manhattan Beach - 30 miles from us??! Kooky.
  14. I agree !!!! :yes: