My face

  1. :idea: Hi from canada.
    I have always had a small area on each cheek that breaks out, the bump is always there, and gets worse that time of the month, then when it goes way , the redness blotchy stays, I had had this for years.I just bought pure,straigh vit C serum LIFE brand from shoppers, and rub it into these red splotches,wondering if it will do any good,they dont even really "disapear"under makeup! dont know why they wont fade:sad: ....anyway glad to have found you all!
  2. Have you seen a dermatologist at it? Maybe it's not what you think?
  3. definitely see a derm for this
  4. oh hey! i have kind of a similar problem. two possible reason for your issue:
    1) i read somewhere that skin actually has memory. if it used to breakout somewhere... it will keep breaking out at the same places.
    2) on both cheeks? could it be the blush you are using? (that was my problem...) or because you sleep on your side and maybe your hair product is getting on your face?
  5. It sounds like it could be a small cyst. I remember watching My Super Sweet 16 and a girl had something like that on her was there for a long time and when she finally got it, it was horrible and I believe her derm. said it was a cyst.