My face is so pretty today

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  1. My period gave me pimples.

    Mosquitoes gave me huge red bumps.

    I hate mirrors.:blah:
  2. I hear ya sister. Its coming to the time of the month for me and I am so broken out right now... I wish it was socially acceptable for me to go around with a paper bag over my head
  3. Even worse, when you think you are messing with the wrong one and realize it's not the zit you were trying to pop :smile:

    Been there!
  4. It never rains, it pours. I hope they disappear as quickly as they arrived.
  5. Ugh, I hate that and have to totally agree with the whole "when it rains it pours" idea. This happened to me a few weeks ago (bug bites and pimples) and it only lasted a few days and I am convinced it's bc I really didn't fuss with my face, just ice for the bites and figured a pimple "lives" for a few days so why make it worse and left them alone, but I feel for you.
  6. been there. :sad: mosquito bite near my eye and it swelled up and had a big pimple on the other side of my face. both sides just had to be even.
  7. I'm sorry ladies :flowers: I'm just going to throw this suggestion out there, but a 5 minute mask with Neutrogena's Clear Pore mask/cleanser is a miracle. I don't care what attacked my face or what caused it, because that stuff seriously tones it down by the next morning.
  8. this is exactly how i feel.. i had also lost my job 2 weeks ago(i start a new one tom!). so its my period mixed with stress that has my skin looking awful... :sad: i also have drank more soda lately then i have been wanting too...
  9. One time I had 2 zits on both sides of my forehead. My mom told me my horns were coming out. Feeling the love!
  10. That ranks up there with my Mom mentioning my 3rd eye (pimple bt my eyebrows, it was a real honker) a few weeks ago, as if I didn't see it and wasn't trying to handle it. Gotta love the Mom tough love :smile:
  11. LOL is it wrong that reading through this thread on this miserable monday morning just made me laugh so hard? mostly because i too have been there -- my breakouts love to appear symmetrically on either side of my face, meaning two giant pimples on each cheek, on both sides of my chin, forehead, etc.

    it's that time of the month for me and my skin is letting me know it's definitely not pleased.
  12. ^ I get the symmetrical pimples too! Those little suckers ALWAYS come in two's!! :Push:

    Prof- try a cool washcloth on your skin to sooth the redness. Benadryl and Advil will help with the redness and swelling from the bites and pimples, too.
  13. ugh period bumps! I never used to get these until about a year ago now I get them every month, hate them! I feel your pain.
  14. and whats with them coming in two's??? Guess they like to talk to each other :tdown::lol:
  15. ^^ LOL! or mock you across your face =X. i swear the little monsters are laughing at me!