My face is sagging, and I'm only 18!!!! what to do?!

  1. Ok, I guess my thread title says it all. I'm really quite embarrassed to admit it, but my face seems to sag, around the corners of my lips and my cheeks. :crybaby:It's barely noticeable, but I want to stop it gets worse.

    What products/brands do you recommend?
  2. I know this may sound slightly looney, but when you put your face moisturizer on, rub it on in an upwards motion pulling your skin up instead of pulling the skin down. My grandmother told me to do this, and she's 87 with hardly any wrinkles. This of course, is a more long term solution, sorry I don't have anything that could help you right now. I'm sure the ladies will be able to help! :yes:
  3. make sure to drink lots of water and use sunscreen... sorry i am not much help
  4. hey, that's what my grandma told me to do!!! :tup: Unfortunately, she actually has quite a few wrinkles...:p
  5. I dunno what you mean?

    Does it look like you're frowning and are you getting jowels?
  6. ^ I guess my face isn't as "tight" as it should be, especially considering i'm 18. I guess you could describe it as a slight "frown."
  7. You could try a lifting serum. Roc makes a good one.
  8. You need an anti-aging regime. I like Dermalogica's line for it's effectiveness and no-nonsense approach to skin care.
  9. Have you lost weight? If so, the skin will tighten up again because you are still very young.
  10. :heart: dermalogica! .. try going to get anti-aging facials, as well! -- i'm in my 20's and i've already started those. haha!
  11. it very well might not have anything to do with aging. as someone said before, if you've recently lost weight, the skin will bounce back if you give it time. or, if you're already quite thin, you may actually want to consider gaining a bit of weight - it fills out your skin better and actually prevents wrinkles. so if you're skinny, get to eating! you certainly don't have to get fat or anything, but sagging skin at a very young age can be a good indication that you are underweight.
  12. I agree with Charity about the direction you put on creams, cleanse your face, etc. My mom ALWAYS says "upward strokes, upward strokes!" when she would see me wash! It worked for her, people always mistake her for my older sister! :tup:
  13. hmm I lost 4 pounds this last month. It was purely accidental. I'm in Taiwan right now, and I can't stand the food our maid makes, so I end up eating a lot less than I usually do during dinner. I try to make up for it by eating larger breakfasts and lunch, but sometimes I don't have time (I'm always running late as is).

    I weigh around 110 now and I'm 5'5ish. I don't think that quite yet constitutes underweight.

    I've had this "face sagging" problem even last year. The lady doing my facial had commented on it, and since then, it's made me kind of paranoid. lol
  14. Yep this and GET ENOUGH SLEEP! It's the most important thing you can do and also drinking enough. I found the YSL avant lisse really useful, sometimes the firming is even "too much", but it defiently helps. And also, do you use a lot of facial expressions? THis contributes to wrinkles. Yes I'm paranoid.
  15. There are facial exercises you can do. It sounds loony, but they work. Basically, they involve holding your facial muscles a certain way (you can use your fingers to help) for a few seconds. I think there's a book about it, but I learned it on ricky lake back in the 90s.

    Also, the more fat on your face the younger you look - which is why some people get fat from their butt injected into their face, um eeeew). To some extent it may be genetic - the slightly fattier people tend to get less wrinkles, even in their olden years.

    And yes, when you apply moisturizer, apply in an upward motion.

    My mother says that the more relaxed you are in your daily life, the less wrinkles you get. I am a strong believer in facials and massages for this reason, also yoga.

    I personally think that if your facial muscles get held in any position for too long, you develop wrinkles where the skin creases, so when I'm meditating, I concentrate on relaxing my facial muscles in between breaths.