My face contouring surgery in Korea.

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  1. First, I will start to share my story about plastic surgery in korea. Actually, I got married 2 months ago.. before wedding ceremony, I wanted to have perfect body and face. 5years ago, I had nose surgery in gangnam, korea. It was very successful. I am very satisfied with my nose. But after nose surgery, my asymmetrical face was very noticeable….(I’ve had contouring surgery before in Thailand but my face looked so botched, very stressful…..) anyway, I decided to visit plastic hospitals in korea where it’s very famous for revision surgery. I had 3 selection : Girin, JW, View. ( my Korean friend recommended me these hospitals.)

    After consultation with these hospitals, I decided to have surgery in View finally. ( Girin, JW also was very nice, but just…. I don’t know why.. just View is more reliable. Because when I said to doctor that I want to have smaller face and symmetrical face, they recommended just V line surgery. All other clinics recommend me two jaw surgery. But, I don’t want to have two jaw surgery, so know. I know that I should wear braces after two jaw surgery, it’s very complicated. My wedding ceremony is just around corner. Dr. yoon in View told me that I don’t need to have two jaw surgery, just V line surgery is enough to improve my face. I felt that they don’t focus on just Money. )

    Before I visited to korea, I saw the news about doctor switch which means that doctor who I consult with and doctor who have surgery for me are different. So. I made my husband checked whether he has surgery directly or not. (hahaha… it seemed to be crazy right? -_- anyway.. ) anyway, I had surgery from Dr. yoon not other doctors.

    After surgery 6 month later, I got married in Thailand, photos are also very nice J I would like to say thank you to View. Staffs are very friendly and nice. Of course, results are very good. If you want to have revision face contouring surgery, I wanna recommend View plastic clinics. They seemed to have English translator and Chinese translator. You don’t need to take translator.

    If you have any questions, please send me message. ( I have a lot of korean friends so I can recommend other clinics except for view clinics for you. )
  2. what made you do these surgery? are you insecure with the way you look? and how young are u?
  3. I'm 27 years old. my face was definitely asymmetrical...I don't trust thai plastic surgery anymore... :-s
    as for revision surgery, korea is the best.. i think...
  4. Girin's one of the places I'm looking into maybe doing my jaw surgery.
    V-line is on my to-do list; I wouldn't know how to react if the consultant at girin recommended two-jaw instead.
    Maybe I'll know more when I'm actually there.
    wlkyoung did they recommend two-jaw because of some under/over bite?
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  5. Actulally not. they want to recommend two jaw surgery for dramatical change. but, I don't want dramatical change. just I wanted to have natural things...
    That's why i chose Dr. yoon in View.. but I heard that Girin pursue Artificial result.I don' know this is just different depend on individual's characteristics. one of my friends like to have a little bit artificial result. And i heard that doctor lee. dong chan at view is also very famous for face contouring surgery.
    and JW was nice for me. inteior and facilities was so nice. staffs are very kind...( but they recommend to me twojaw surgery...)i would like to recommend to have consultation with View and JW.
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  6. Did you tell them what you wanted? Didn't they listen?
    From what I know, two-jaw surgery is for people with under/overbites; I find it odd that they suggested 2 jaw to you if you didn't need it.
  7. I want to have face contouring in Korea! Seems surgeons there are more professional. But can I contact the clinics by emails? I don't know how to speak Korean......
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  8. First of all, congratulations on your wedding! I had my V-line at View Clinic two months ago. Love my new face so much that I couldn't stop raving about View. Mine was done by Dr. Lee Dong Chan. He's very good at what he do. As for Girin, they're actually located in the same building. I tried looking for reviews but to no avail. Saw a bad one at Realself though, but not too many positive ones.

    I have to disagree with that "I felt that they don’t focus on just Money" part. They DO focus on money, every clinic does. But they don't charge an exoebitant amount just because you're a foreigner. I did negotiate quite a bit with them and they finally gave me a price which I found acceptable. So it's all good.

    I actually contacted JW before even talking to View, but I don't like the long response time, and their results from their photos and Youtube videos are not to my expectations. It's very "natural", which is good but that's not what I'm looking for.
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  9. i'm in the same situation as you, i think for my face v line is enough but some clinics mention i might need 2 jaw which i dont think is necessary. i'm afraid i'll go there and all the other hospitals suggest 2 jaw, i'm not ready for that.
  10. Never allow the clinics to tell you what you need if you are not comfortable. If you need to contact an English speaker or other language at a clinic, they should be available. If not, then choose another clinic.
  11. oh, you can use English. most clinics have English traslator...DOn't worry about that.
  12. One of the main indicators whether or not you require 2 jaw (super invasive btw) is to do with your bite. Do you have an over or underbite? I will say this tho, if its an underbite it is much more likely you will need two jaw or at least shifting of one jaw, depends on the results of your CT. However overbite you may not require 2 jaw. I have a deep overbite but I only did mandible not a 2 jaw because I was ok with the aesthetic of my lower face, I just wanted to reduce width....tho funny enough it was actually botox and not the mandible reduction that reduced my width -_-
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  13. I have the same situation as u. I still need to rely on Botox after Vline to achieve max results. Side profile has improved alot.
  14. Thanks a lot for the advice! Mines a deep overbite too, the upper set of teeth covers the lower totally but I think braces fixed it.
    I think I will not fall into the trap of the Doctors who ask me to do 2 jaw, I'll insist on v line instead. Thank you so much :smile:
  15. Yeah I had done Mandible thinking it reduces the width but all it did was made me lose my angular jaw which i loved. God i hate the Yanhee hospital and their butcher surgeons. I recently saw a CT of my Jaw and it made me so infuriated the condition they left it in. Imagine if I had been even dumber back then and allowed them to do 2 jaw on me. I prolly be dead by now