My fabuous ebay experience


Feb 21, 2006
My mother just loves my new Batignolles Horizontal. I have tried to buy her nice handbags over the years, she smiles and says it is lovely, then goes back to schlepping her stuff in plastic grocery bags. :blink: This is the first bag she has ever admired. So I decided I was going to buy her one. Eluxury was sold out when I checked, I was planning on going to my local boutique.

I was cruising ebay, and found a beautiful BH. The seller had great feedback, was super responsive to my emails, took fabulous detailed pictures. She was just so adamant in her disdain for fakes, and so understanding of my paranoia...I just had a really good feeling about her. So I purchased the bag, for a really good price, took it to the San Jose LV store yesterday- it is authentic, and the Vachetta has a lovely patina already, though the rest of the bag looks brand spanking new. The SAs were chuckling, the vast majority of authenitcations that they do end up being fake, they were actually pleasantly surprised to see a real one. So I gave my mom the one I got from eluxury last week, and I kept the patina'd one. :biggrin: