My Fabulous Shopping Haul of Today!

  1. Mr Puff, who is a Living Saint, took me shopping today for no reason whatsoever. We went to Burlington Coat Factory and Marshall's, and here is what I got!

    Silk charmeuse lounging pants in that winey purple color that has become so popular - $3

    Two long sleeved t-shirts with those foil graphic or whatever designs that are probably about to stop being popular (one navy with silver, one greenish gray with gold) $5 each

    celery green tshirt embellished with wooden beads. It says Bob Mackie for those who like labels $4

    White cotton voile blouse with turqoise embroidery and occasional "crystals" $5

    Brown sneakers with gold stripes that say Tommy Hilfiger $12

    Two loose flowy floozy tops (to wear with my new jean jacket) one black with beige outliney print and spaghetti straps, one cobalt blue with wide fettucine straps $3 each

    Those boots I saw, didn't buy, went back, weren't there, today, they magically were! $16.99

    And I found all this in less than an hour.

    Feel free to tremble as you stand in awe. :jammin:
  2. LMAO! Hilarious. What a haul!

    Mr. Winternight likes to shop the outlets but he's too quick for me! I'm always making him stay later than he'd like. (On the plus side he's actually making me a quicker shopper).
  3. Good job!!!!! If only I could have such luck! :smile:

  4. Great Job! I only have that luck at Ross-well only with shoes!
  5. Sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon. I know your Bob Mackie t-shirt is rocking for sure..... I Love his designs.

    Enjoy your haul.:heart:
  6. Wow!! Sounds like you are quite the shopper! Congrats on all of your new finds! :smile:
  7. Oooh, great haul! I am seriously jealous. :nuts: DH hates tagging along with me to Marshalls. :lecture:
  8. omg i cant believe you got such deals! i am in serious awe!
  9. Wow fab!
  10. Dang! Good haul! I'm going to have to hit the Burlington by my work during my lunch hour today...
  11. Ooh sounds wonderful! :smile:
  12. Thank you all so much for rejoicing with me! :smile: :smile:

    I cannot praise Mr Puff enough, growing up with 4 older sisters, a mother and a gaggle of aunts who all share a shopping style that involves examining every item in the store for 20 minutes or so, whether they intend to buy it or not, taking me shopping, while arduous, is a piece of cake by comparison.

    My strategy is to do accessories first (naturally :biggrin:) and then head straight for any rack that says "clearance" and anything that looks out of season or about to be.

    Which reminds me, I can't believe I forgot to list my nearlly unprecedented extravagance - $30 (marked down from $200 and something) for a distressed denim jacket that looks either black or brown, depending on I'm not sure what, it is really impressive, whatever they did. It has just a touch of pinkish in the distressings, their highlights, I guess, a bit of tonal and near tone-on-tone embroidery and a few amber "crystals." And ornamental buttons, bronze-ish with aurora borealis rhinestone clusters in the center! It sounds way busier and over the top than it really is. I got it because it will be so versatile, and can be dressed up or down in ways that the classic 4 pocket blue one my sister in law gave me cannot.

    The label says Flashback, which the teenaged neighbors tell me is totally hot, but I have never heard of it and don't really care anyway.

    I refuse to shop with my mother/sisters in law. The last time I tried it I was obliged to lie down upon the bed for the rest of the day. They are out of my league, and I bow to them! :smile:
  13. * bows in awe *

    Any pics, please? :smile:
  14. Thank you for the bow! :biggrin:

    I regret that pics are not included in the selections offered in the currently available Puff Palace equipment-to-skills matrix.

    And I did scour the internets hoping to at least find a pic of the jacket, since its fabulousness is so beyond my descriptive powers, but so far, no luck.
  15. :roflmfao:you just made my day (which was almost ruined by the customer rep at dell tech support when i called today for assistance- i was able to solve my problems on my own anyway... THANK GOD!)

    i must applaud you for your patience in shopping coz' i rarely go to malls or stores- i do my shopping online!
    me too bow to your highness....;)