My FABULOUS day at Coach!!!! And a job offer!!!

  1. Today I went to King of Prussia mall and just HAD to go into Coach to browse. I got my PCE card in the mail a few days ago and figured since I couldn't buy anything, I'd at least look. Everything's so cute, and I was so tempted to get the Ergo wristlet to match my hobo but I held myself back :wlae: yay me....or not, I really want it. And their jewelry? TO DIE FOR!! The little heart bracelet and necklace is so frickin adorable I had to give my friend my purse so that I couldn't take my cards out.

    Anyway, she needed a wristelt so we're talking to one of the girls and she goes (to me): "You know your Coach! You should totally work here! Are you interested in a job? You'd really enjoy the discount!!" I could have DIED!!! Sadly I had to turn it down because I don't live anywhere near that mall but damn, I sure could have used the discount. They're always so nice to me when I go in there that it was really hard to turn down.

    The upside? My friend got a pair of shoes...and we're the same size *wink wink*
  2. Wow, that would have been great working there!!!
    Wish I had a friend that wore the SAME size shoes :wtf: tee hee
  3. Too bad you had to turn down the job, but it is great when an SA recognizes a Coach Diva such as yourself! :smile:
  4. yaa i know what u mean. i want to work at the nearest coach that opened up which is only like 17 mins away... and im only 16 though :sad: so i can't. and i turn 18 in the middle of my freshman year in college.. im sooo unlucky. thats pretty much the only place im willing to work lol.
  5. aww to bad you had to turn it down, atleast it was offered to you...ITS LIKE WINNING AN AWARD:queen: