My "Fab Five"...Chanel + LV

  1. And my "FAB FIVE"...

    LV Speedy B 30- purchased new from Champs Elysees
    Chanel Caviar SHW Camera Bag- preloved from eBay
    Chanel Lambskin (vintage?) preloved Jumbo- Chanel Touch via Malleries
    LV Duomo- preloved from eBay
    Chanel Lambskin wallet- preloved from eBay- snowluxury


  2. I love your Fab Five! Great investment pieces :tup:
  3. You're right, they are fabulous.
    Are these all you have or these are your top five?
  4. They are beautiful :biggrin: fabulous 5 indeed
  5. The perfect collection! :tup:
  6. Beautiful collection! It really is perfect!
  7. :love::love::love:
  8. :urock:
  9. Hi doll- this is it...I am cut off for awhile...given my first bag (LV) was purchased this past July. eeeeeek!
  10. You are very strong, i know no-one with your collection that stopped at 5 :smile: i plan to stop too ...
  11. Beautiful!!

    nice "5" collection! love all them!
  12. Gorgeous collection. Five bags is all you need if you've got amazing ones you love. Goodness, remember the days of having one? Five is awesome.
  13. Beautiful gorgeous bags... :tup::tup:
  14. 5 thumbs up! I am a chanel girl- so of course they are my favorite:graucho:
  15. I love the Chanels! Gorgeous!