My Fab Damier Azur & Josephine Wallet

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  1. Just got mine today...:yahoo:Fab Feb purchase

    The J wallet mini zipper can fit 10 credit card as shown in picture. I'm loving both :love:
  2. why I can't post any pictures here?
  3. Can't wait to see pics. Try photobucket.
  4. Ohhh cant wait to see--- CONGRATS!!!
  5. Upload Errors
    Upload of file failed.

  6. can you guide me how to do that through pohotobucket?:sos:
  7. try imageshack, it is so easy to use. Good luck!
  8. Ooh, cant wait to see your Josephine especially!
  9. If someone can guide me on how to use any applications, I would appreciate it very much, because I don't know how to upload apart from the attachment in the advanced button, sorry...
  10. #10 Feb 4, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2010
    Hi, if you are using photobucket (, register first then login.

    1. click on the upload images & videos button
    2. Once the image is uploaded, copy the image link at direct link text box from photobucket
    3. Then, click on the insert image icon at TPF, paste the link. You will be able to upload a picture here.
  11. Thanks ismelulu, is it free?
  12. Yes. It is free. ;)
  13. oh goodness! post quickly!! can't wait!!!!
  14. !!!
  15. [​IMG]