My F/W 2011/12 sale season reveal!!

  1. Bambou watersnake
  2. Wow fantastic haul :woohoo: love your bambous
  3. une plume ... I am not into wedges but the color of this one got me... its a beautiful metallic burgundy. Plus i love the height of these ... so i got them :love:
  4. OMG!!! :woot: Amazing haul!!!! :woot:

    And you got all those on sale? Lucky... I love them all but especially the Harletty boots, indigo VPs and Declics :love:
  5. Nice:smile::graucho: You're rocking those Super dombasles ! Love them!
  6. The Bambous are great! What a fantastic color! Love them! You've done a great job. Congrats. Enjoy them!
  7. Aww. thanks!

    Yup.. got them all on sale. I started Jan 1st and the last pair arrived yesterday .. all on 2nd cut :yahoo:
  8. Holy .... :wtf::amazed: Wow, I am not :worthy:
  9. OOHHMMEEEGGEEEE!!!!!!! I LOVE EM! You look INCREDIBLE in those Harletties! :woot:
  10. I love your watersnake Bambou's!
  11. Holy crap!
  12. This is my favorite ! I just couldn't do that height
  13. absolutely FABULOUS - what a way to do a haul, every pair is beautiful, congrats
  14. whats the highest u go up to? I think if they were any lower i wouldn't have gotten them. Im a sucker for the HIGH heel :graucho: If they can't put me above 6 foot then i don't want em :nogood: (excluding my flats :heart: )
  15. Thanks!! :heart:

    Thanks!! :heart:

    aww.. thanks! :hugs:

    LOl! u cr8k me up Dessye! A lot of these came from your postings ;) It is i who is not :worthy: I wanted to get a well rounded 10 but it just won't happen!! I can't find another pair, in my size, that i like, to save my life! :shucks: