My F/W 2009 Black City just look so different to everyone else's

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I bought my black city bag from Bal NY last September, and although I love it very much, it just seems the color and texture looks so different to the other black fall city bags I've seen. Less inky? Less glossy? Not quite sure - can't quite put my finger on it. I just snapped a couple of pics of it here at work so you can see what I mean. Thoughts?


  2. It does look less shiny but certainly not less gorgeous! It looks so soft and yummy I just want to touch that leather :nuts:
    Many congrats on your beautiful black City.
  3. Thanks, to give you an example of what I mean though, if you look at designer307's post in this forum entitled "1st Bbag... Hope I picked a good one" and you see the pics of her black city, mine and hers almost look completely different! Is that common?
  4. What a gorgeous puddley mess of leather~!!

    Each bal bag will carry it's own characteristics.. whether it be smooth, distressed, shiny, matte, etc. The leather varies also by season. Some seasons will come out more smooth while, others will have more texture & distressing. Not 1 bag is exactly the same as the other. As each bag "breaks in" from use.. it will take on it's on form.. if that makes sense.

    The bag your referring to in another post.. looks more structured... since it's a brand new Bal bag. It hasn't softened / been broken-in yet. It'll start looking like yours.. with constant use in a couple months.

    Your city looks gorgeous~!! No worries :smile: :tup: (in fact.. I'm hoping my Black Rh PT will break in and look more like yours~! lol)
  5. Thanks oogiewoogie, I appreciate your comments. I agree that they all have different characteristics and I think they are all lovely. I guess I was just suprised that mine wasn't the jet black that was so typical of the F/W black bags.

    And yes she is a gorgeous puddley mess of leather as you put it so succinctly! lol :P
  6. I totally agree with Oogiewoogie. You wont find two Balenciaga bags with the same kind of leather. That's what make them so unique in my opinion. Some like their leather soft, jet black and smooth other like their leather highly distressed, veiny and so on. To each their own.

    Also as Oogiewoogie points out the leather on the b-bags looks totally different when the bag has been broken in.

    In my opinion your bag is very lovely and the leather is just delicious :smile:
  7. As oogiewoogie said, each Bbag is different.
    Your bag has already been broken in - that's a good thing in my book. Then it's softer and yummier ;)
    The other bag you're refering to will start to look like yours once she uses it for a bit.
  8. Her bag might be from the 2010 s/s collection, and I heard that this season's black is more jet black than the last season.
  9. I must add that 09 blacks where JET black though S/S slightly more so than F/W ;)
  10. Cool, thanks! I do love her to bits as she is a yummy soft leather and flops on my lap like a loveable puppy! :tender:
  11. Your black city is super gorgeous. There's huge variation in leather, colour saturation and texture. Yours looks beautiful, congratulations.
  12. Your bag is beautiful but I do know that some are not as "black" as others and some not as "distressed", etc. As someone said they all have their own characteristics and that is what makes them so beautiful!

    I think if you apply a light moisturizer, it would make it darker or "blacker", but some of the other gals know a lot more about this than I do.

    I think you have a beautiful bag and she just needs breaking in.
  13. Your bag is gorgeous.

    I have three 09 black bags. My S/S black city is jet black and shiny, but has not boken in so this may change.

    My A/W work and first both look more like yours. They are much more matte and not jet black.
  14. I think your Black City looks just like everyone else's! The leather looks very thick and squishy.........Enjoy!
  15. I think your City is absolutely beautiful! It is less stiff and more slouchy than brand new 2010 Cities because it has been worn in some. No worries dear, your bag is just perfect :winkiss: