My F/W 2007 Wishlist

  1. I visited Saks BH yesterday to check out the upcoming season. There are a few new "novelty" lines, such as Pocket in the City, 8 Knot, and Patchwork, which had to have been created in a burst of drug-induced inspiration...puffy silver and gold metallic patches without any of Chanel's trademark refined elegance IMHO.

    The Sharpey line is adorable, I think Claudia (?) had first posted about it a couple weeks ago. Saks didn't buy the tote that I wanted though. Also saw the bag that I personally can't wait to see, the fabric reissue which is stitched to simulate crocodile, appropriately called Coco Croco. :p Saks will have it in black, turquoise, and purple...the $2995 price is a little off-putting, especially for a fabric bag. Will definitely need to see it IRL before surrendering the good old Saks charge! :lol:

    That fringe-y clutch/handheld thing is also exorbitantly priced, I believe it was something like $5995 but please don't hold me to that. :sweatdrop: Lady braid's coming back too! I only recall seeing black and brown though.

    There's already a long waitlist for a black vinyl bag similar to the original Coco Cabas but it has a flap onto which the CC is stitched. I'm sorry, the name of the bag eludes me but I do remember thinking that its $1895 price tag was quite steep for vinyl! :push:

    Lots of costume jewelry, but I didn't spend much time looking. There will be a Camellia line of small leather goods, lambskin stamped with a lovely Camellia pattern, including a CC holder for $250 (SO getting that!) a wallet for $615 and a larger checkbook/agenda-looking thing for around $950 or $995.

    Since I'm more of a classic Chanel type of girl, I put myself on the waitlist for:

    • Dark silver classic flap $2495 :nuts:
    • White AND red reissue $2375...I think that's the price
    • Black AND purple Coco Croco $2995 (ouch!)
    • I think there were a few more, but obviously can't have been too amazing if I can't remember ;)

    Not very many colors, lots of black and brown. I'm incredibly excited about seeing the dark silver classic flap though. Couldn't tell if the red reissue was going to be similar to the bordeaux, but it definitely wasn't a bright red. Unfortunately the only purple I saw was for the Coco Croco...

    Shoes were cute! A couple choices of flats for Jenn to wear when she walks to work. Of course, this is only for the Saks BH location, scheduled to arrive from May through June. Who knows what delightful goodies NM and Nordstrom and the boutiques will carry!! :drool:
  2. tks for the report Jenn, it was delightful to read, the dark silver flap sounds great, i'm assuming it's going to be in lambskin? and the 2495, is that for the medium? if so, that's quite an ouch.
  3. NP Irene!! Anything for my Chanel ladies ;) I'm pretty sure the dark silver flap will be lambskin...hoping that $2495 is for the jumbo (even though I'm not really a jumbo girl). I'm not an expert yet, so style numbers and codes equal :confused1: for me.
  4. Wow prices have gone up, thanks for the great report!!!
  5. Thanks for the excellent update Jenn!

    drug-induced inspiration :roflmfao:
    And I love the name Coco Croco :graucho:
  6. Surely no man is as thin as Monsieur Lagerfeld without some, hmm, help on the side. :rolleyes:
  7. ooooh DARK SILVER classic flap! that sounds very, very promising! And :yahoo: the lady braid is coming back!!!

    thanks for the detailed report, butterfliie!
  8. oooh i am loooking forward to the camellia line of small leather goods! :smile:
  9. Camelia CC holder sounds adorable!
  10. Ohhh, thanks for the report Jenn!! :smile: The dark silver flap sounds gorgeous, but I already have the reissue, so it might be overkill, hmm. And the red reissue... ohhh!! :heart: I actually really like brown bags (deep chocolate brown!), so the fact that you saw many hopefully means that there will be some nice ones for fall (Lady Braid in chocolate sounds yummy)! :nuts: Ohh, and I love my accessories haha, can't wait to see what is out for fall... but the trunk show I'd be able to attend is light years away! :sad:
  11. Anytime nightshade...I'm SO excited for you to get your HGs!! :nuts:

    jeshika & sratsey - I'm looking forward to the Camellia line as well, although I'm curious to see whether the embossed flower looks better than the regular quilted accessories line...

    Minal - yes, lots of brown!! Not sure exactly what shade, but I do remember seeing that Saks BH ordered the Lady Braid in brown :graucho:
  12. Jenn, what a detailed and thoughtful report! I am glad nothing has piqued my curiousity... might I actually be able to SKIP a season of buying?!
  13. LOL I am going to quote you on that roey...:graucho:
  14. LOL Jenn! Did you notice if the GST will be available in brown caviar?
  15. :sad:

    Gosh, I am so sorry, I don't remember...I am going to text the SA right now and see if she can get the answer by the end of today!