My F I R S T Burberry!~

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  1. About a month ago I spent $1,200+ on my first designer handbag which was a Alluminio Miu Miu Bow Satchel :girlsigh:I had no doubts about purchasing it even though it was going to take me about half a year or even more to pay it off.

    BUT... when I saw this BURBERRY SUPER NOVA SATCHEL on sale that retails for
    $695.00, I knew I just had to get it because #1) It's kind of rare to find #2) When I first saw it on someone else's arm, I knew I had to get one on mine!

    Anyways, I am BANNED from buying anymore handbags until... probably FOREVER, since I am starting college soon & it's a "fashion college" so that means... $$$ for tuition.
    I always say that though, until I see another beauty that catches my eye :love:

    Okay I am boring you all.. here are the PICTURES!

    P.S.* Excuse my ugly pajamas!
    Picture 140.jpg Picture 141.jpg Picture 142.jpg Picture 143.jpg
  2. Oh whoa, congrats, It's really beautiful.
  3. its pretty. CONGRATS. ;)

    burberry is amaaaaazing.

    i wanted that bag but it looked small in pictures so i decided not to get it... BUT it doesnt look quite small on your arm. do you mind telling me the measurements?
  4. Oh that's so pretty! I wouldn't have resisted either! It looks gorgious on you.
  5. Its really pretty... It looks great on your arm! congrats....:tup::tup::tup:
  6. congrats!
  7. LOVE your new bag. Congratulations!!!
  8. Aww congrats!

    Are you going to FIDM?!

    tell me if you see Lauren from the Hills there! hahahaa
  9. she's prettyyyyyy :love:
    I just rcved my first burberry today toooo :yahoo:
  10. You bought a handbag that is going to take you half of a YEAR to pay off? Honey, that is not a good way to start life as a responsible adult.....We all love our handbags but don't fall into the trap of going into debt, especially since you are about to start college....
  11. Thank you fufu, BURBERRYaddict*, Roxana, bextasy, maryg1, nathansgirl1908, REYNALD0C, & lubz for al the kind and exciting compliments!!

    To answer your question about the measurements of the bag. It says on the description that it's "12 1/2" x 8" x 7" with a 5" drop from center of handles to top of bag." You can view the handbag in black lining that is still available on the Burberry website over here. It IS sort of big. I expected it to be a BIT smaller, but I carry alot of things so It's perfect for me and I love it.

    Heh. Yes, I am going to FIDM. And I'll be sure to let you know if I see LC around ;) Haha. I never knew she attended the FIDM in LA until I saw some paps take pictures of her @ FIDM. Since I'm not much of a tv kind of gal.

    What did you get :nuts: Do share!
  12. I'm afraid you didn't catch my sarcasm there. It's not literally going to take me year(s) to pay off my two purchases. That was a joke to express the handbag's price(s). I wouldn't buy something if I didn't have the money to pay it off.

    I know I'm not an adult yet, I have alot to learn, but I think I'm on the right track and if I am not, I'll be sure to learn from my mistakes.

    I won't ever fall into debt, I'm balancing out my money quite well. So please don't judge me. I understand it may seem a bit crazy for a highschool senior to be making these kind of purchases, then again you don't know my lifestyle.
  13. the large nova check hobo in nickel :love:
  14. I love it lubz!!! I was considering getting a hobo, but I just couldn't resist the white leather lining on my satchel.

    I hope you enjoy your purchase as much as I am enjoying mine :okay:
  15. i love it! congrats!