My eyebrows have turned against me

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  1. I have naturally dirty blonde hair which I highlight (especially in summer time). Until recently, my eyebrows have always looked fine color wise. As I mentioned before, I am taking a new medication which has made some weird changes in my hair -including eyebrows! They have turned really dark (some are almost black according to my esthecian!) and look quite odd against my very fair skin and blonde hair.
    I really need to do something, they really bother me - I'm not opposed to dying them to get them to look natural, but Ive never done anything like this. If I go to my salon, would they be willing or able to dye them? maybe there is something I could do at home? Any ideas or am I stuck with weird dark (almost ashy) eyebrows forever?
  2. DO NOT DYE YOUR OWN EYEBROWS AT HOME. Trust me, you can go blind!

    Go to a salon and ask to have your eyebrows tinted. I know they can tint eyebrows darker, but I'm not quite sure if they can lighten then. Call your local salon and ask, and make sure it's a reputable salon!
  3. Your salon stylist can lighten them for you. Mine always offers to do mine when I color my hair. I have naturally dark hair and get my hair lightened. I've never done it but it is possible. Good luck!
  4. It is possible to go lighter. Just make sure you go to a professional, you don't want anything bad to happen to your eyes/brows.
  5. thanks guys, i think i'll call my salon monday!