My eye shadow collection: does it need anything? (pics)

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  1. I did an inventory of all my eye shadows today and took photos. I have about 32 colors, which I realize is TINY on this board!!

    Here are the pics:




    And here's a picture of my eye/complexion


    I have:

    8 brown
    6 beige/taupe
    4 green
    4 pink
    3 purple
    2 red
    1 blue
    1 yellow
    1 copper
    1 gray
    1 silver

    The ones I wear most lately are the Chanel and Dior palettes, as they are the newest. The ones I wear least are the Laura Merciers and I'm getting bored with a couple of the old Clinique compacts.

    I just got my first MAC e/s yesterday, apart from that palette which is a couple years old. If I like it, which I already do, I may explore more of their colors.

    My question is, given what I have already, is there anything big missing from my collection, or should I just be pleased with what I have for now? My eyes favor warm and neutral shades; I haven't yet found a blue that suits me.

    Thanks for any advice and for reading this post!
  2. You have some gorgeous colors!! :drool: You might want to add a orange color, like MAC has a beautiful pink-orangish color. It's called Expensive Pink. I love it! It's very neutral.
  3. I would get some grey and black shades for a nice smokey eye!
  4. I agree, I was going to say the same thing. also, maybe a good highlighter like "solar white" from MAC.
  5. Great collection, jane!! If ya wanna try more MAC (of course you do!) I'd suggest more greys such as:

    Silver Ring
    Knight Divine
    ...both have that great veluxe pearl finish. These are a little more bluish grey than the taupe-y ones we looked at yesterday (arctic grey and apres ski from Chill), but they are both fabulous.

    Satin Taupe is fun too...great neutral with a little touch of plum.
    Check out Club too! It's unique as it has a greenish cast to it...I've never seen anything like it and it's fun!

    Whites/creams which are amazing:
    Blanc Type

  6. How about some MAC Paint Pots? Painterly is my FAVORITE and is a great base for many of the shades you already have.

    I also like MAC Pigments. Mauvement is one of the ones I use a ton.

    If you want a great grey, I use Urban Decay Gunmetal. The UD Ammo Shadow Box has a lot of great shades as well that are good for blending and accenting -

    You do have a great collection. It's nice to see someone else who likes Benefit cream shadows.
  7. Chanel Mystic Eyes is GORGEOUS! I need to check that out!!

    I personally think you'd look really good in gold shadow.
  8. You have a really good rounded collection in my opinion. I think MAC naked lunch and vanilla would look nice. at least 3 days every week i am running low on time :P so i just put a wash of shimmery neutral colors (mac vanilla is a favorite) then put a darker color in the crease. btw sumptuous olive looks gorgeous!
  9. Try MAC Bronze , Patina , and Vex( I wear these 3 all the time ) these are all colors that work really well with the colors you already have
  10. Thanks all!! I will make myself a note of the suggested colors and bring it with me next time I'm at the MAC counter :biggrin:
  11. Today when I was at the MAC store I saw some golds, silvers, and bronzes that would look really nice too.
  12. I think a good blue for you would be a really deep navy color, then you can kindof use it with your silvers to make a bluey smokey look!!
  13. MAC Deep Truth is a really nice deep navy blue
  14. I would get a couple of bright colors, but that's just me XD like deep turquoise, dark blue (MAC Deep Truth, looks great on brown eyes) and also some bright violet shade (also gorgeous with brown)
  15. wowza i only have like 2 compacts lol