My extra courier is causing a work rift....

  1. I spent the last week at an off-site sales and marketing retreat. I carried my black Extra Courier as my work bag since I was carrying ALOT of stuff (laptop, files, pens, folders, water bottles, etc.) from room to room. Well one of my counterparts but in another office asked what bag I was carrying and I told her Balenciaga.

    She asked if it was expensive to which I responded "well it wasn't cheap!" and kinda did a sheepish smile. She said "oh" and I thought that was the end of it. Well about 2 hours later, I see her talking with our HR Director and pointing at me emphatically and becoming increasingly animated. The conversation ends and the HR Director walks over to me and asks if I can cut out and have a quick chat with him. So in the hallway, he asks if I told my co-worker my salary. I say no and ask why he would even ask that?

    Come to find out, she was complaining to him because she KNEW how much BBags cost and associated the fact that I am able to purchase such a bag because I was being paid more than her. WTF?!?

    I look at my HR Director and say "You're joking...Honestly, look around the room, I can point out a Birkin, YSL Muse and a freakin' special order LV purse. Just because I CHOOSE to spend my money in a rather obvious way gives her NO right to infer about what I make as salary."

    I then read him the RIOT act for even entertaining her dumb conversation. I then end the conversation by saying "If she has issue with how I spend MY money, tell her to come talk to me. And FYI, for the record, as we both know, I deserve every penny of what I make and hence why I DO get paid more than her."

    So I went over to the co-worker who caused the whole stink and said to her point blank "Please don't make inferences based on how I dress cause it will only come around and bite you in the rear. My belongings and what they cost are MY business and if YOU decide to try to take them into the public arena again, I will be having the same conversation as I am having now but with our SVP, HR VP and our immediate boss. I do my work, I get paid and how I am compensated is none of your business."

    I don't feel I was out of line but I was shaking a bit after all of this.

    Thanks for letting me vent!
  2. OMG! I cannot believe that lady! I am soooo stoked that you went and let her have it to her face. Not everyone would have the guts to do that.
  3. DANG! That was SO rude of her. I love how you dealt with it! I enjoyed reading that post immensely! You were NOT out of line!!

    YOU GO!
  4. OMG! She is obviously jealous and a big LOSER
  5. oh hell no!:smash:

    you did good! she deserved every bit of that!
  6. How extremely RUDE of that girl!!!!!!!!!! It's simply none of her business what you are anyone else does with their hard earned money! But on the brightside~ atleast she noticed your Balenciaga is HOT!!!!!!!!!!:nuts:
  7. I think that you handled the situation perfectly. :yes: She had no right to pry into your personal purchase decisions and then say something to the supervisor. I am proud of you for sticking up for yourself and I hope your co-worker learns to mind her own business!
  8. You are TOO funny!!!

    Thank you everyone -- I just needed a moment to reflect on the whole situation cause it was just too over the top. As for speaking up for myself, its something I am learning more and more to do as I get older. I think I have lost that whole "I want everyone to like me" mentality. Now I am closer to the "Bite me" mentality of life ;)
  9. geez, good for you Clake, i can't stand people like that!!! absolutely did the right thing standing your ground with both her & the HR dare they get on your case about how you spend your hard earned money!!! :yucky:
  10. ^^ lol, me too!!! :roflmfao::wlae::p
  11. I just really admire that you were so together and eloquent in speaking to both of them. When I get angry or outraged, I lose the ability to speak coherently until I calm down. You really told both of them exactly what I would have wanted to say but I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to do it right away. Good for you!! Peggy
  12. I can't believe that coworker of yours. I'm so glad you told her off.
  13. YES! Go you.
  14. OMG!! Good for you--what a complete IDIOT!!
  15. Clarke, you are one bad :censor:!!!! I am so glad you told that woman off. How dare she bring up such a subject or even speak about what you make and how you spend your money. What an imbecile. Moments like that would make me want to send someone straight to the dentist!!!! KWIM?:biguns: